Fight – War Of Words – The Film (DVD)

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2007, Metal God Entertainment/CMM.W.Rott
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall


Rob “The Metal God” Halford is now following up his latest album K5 THE WAR OF WORDS DEMOS with this DVD that captures the band Fight during the making of the album. Halford started Fight back at the beginning of the 90’s and it was the first thing he did after his departure from Judas Priest.
This is a single DVD and as a bonus feature the remastered and remixed album WAR OF WORDS is included.
The DVD starts with a documentary about Fight and captures both the band and the fans. Halford is also interviewed about what he has in store for Fight and what his vision for the band is. After the interview comes shots from the rehearsal room where the band play some songs and then leave for The Netherlands to record the album. The rest of the band is also interviewed, of course, but the main focus is Rob Halford. Halford explains why he chose the musicians in the band, what Fight is and that the members are all fans of metal and not better than any other person who listen to their music.
When the album is recorded and done the band heads out on a promo tour and we get to follow the band wherever they go. Everything you could wish for is added, like behind-the-scenes footage, hand-held and pro-shot footage of demo recordings and rehearsals, studio sessions and interviews – just about all you would want to know about Fight and Rob Halford. The only thing that disappoints is that everything is from when the band was in motion and contains nothing about how Halford or the band members feel about this particular time in their life and what they remember from that time.
After that we get into the live material which spans 18 different clubs in 15 different cities during their first 5 months on the road in 1993-1994. 13 songs are included and the people who have edited the film have done a great job. The cuts aren’t too fast and you have time to see and hear every song for a while before it fades into the next one. The sound is also high quality and there are no problems identifying the song. No mastering has been done to the songs; all are soundboard recordings and they sound just as they did at the moment of recording.
Fight’s material is raw and pretty aggressive and it ought to appeal to every fan of hard heavy metal. The tour part ends with the song “Reality – A New Beginning” and the show ends without any encores. Halford doesn’t speak much during the shows, either.
The quality of the filming is sometimes sub-standard and it looks really amateur and that drags the rating down a bit. The funnier parts come out in the bonus stuff like a live appearance on the MTV show Headbanger’s Ball from 1993. There are also promo videos of “Nailed to the Gun”, “Little Crazy” and “Immortal Sin” which are brilliant examples of how varied the Fight songs can be. The last thing on the DVD is a trailer for the upcoming live DVD Halford recorded during Rock in Rio which is due to be released sometime in 2008. It’s a given purchase for every fan of Halford and even though I’m not a huge fan, I’m impressed by the Metal God and Fight.


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Track Listing:
1. Part 1 – The Documentary
2. Part 2 – Fight Live
3. Into the Pit
4. War of Words
5. Life in Black
6. Kill It
7. Immortal Sin
8. Laid To Rest
9. Contortion
10. For all Eternity
11. Nailed to the Gun
12. Vicious
13. Light Comes Out of the Black
14. Little Crazy
15. Reality – A New Beginning

Bonus Footage
1. Fight live at MTV Studios NY 1993
2. Nailed to the Gun (promo Video)
3. Little Crazy (promo Video)
4. Immortal Sin (promo Video)

Bonus CD Disc
1. Into the Pit
2. Nailed to the Gun
3. Life in Black
4. Immortal Sin
5. War of Words
6. Laid to Rest
7. For All Eternity
8. Little Crazy
9. Contortion
10. Kill It
11. Vicious
12. Reality – A New Beginning

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Production Year: 2007