Dead Emotions – Pathways to Catharisis

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2008, Bad Land Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

German dark death troopers Dead Emotions have been around for nearly 12 years and the band has release one EP and 3 full-lenght records thus far. Their latest one obeys the title, PATHWAYS TO CATHARSIS, containing 11 songs.

As this is my first ever touch to Dead Emotions´ music, there´s nothing there for me to compare their previous stuff to the songs on PATHWAYS. Anyway, maybe it´s not even necessary because it´s 5 long years since their previous effort, THE GENESIS BEHIND, came out – and there´s a fairly good chance their music has changed quite a lot since that release.

PATHWAYS TO CATHARSIS introduces a relatively tight package of technical and thrashing death metal that also has bits from both black metal (the second vocals bring in that particular effect in to their songs) as well as ´viking metal´ due to some of those nearly choir type of clean vocal parts that they use in such songs as \”Demon Seed\” and \”At the End of Time\”. Most of the time, the guitar dudes of the band – Mexxx´s and Uis´ riffs are heavy, powerful and thrashy, containing also a necessary amount of melodies and finely built-up dynamics whenever those are needed to kick their songs toward another level of variety. Also, I honestly gotta say that I don´t find Mosh´s deep death grunts that entertaining after all as they tend to sound kinda monotonous, but on the other hand, are thankfully supported by Mexxx´s beast-like, black-ish shrieks that add a nice balance between these two vocal performances on the album. Being a big thrash fan that I have always been, I always tend to get my extra kicks whenever I hear “Disdained” due to its Slayer-flavored riffs in it.

As wholeness, Dead Emotions have recorded a pretty decent death metal album all in all that should appeal most people´s standards about a well-made death metal in general. So, to spit out the obvious, PATHWAYS TO CATHARSIS is surely worth checking out.


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Track Listing:
01. Paradise Is Hell
02. Demon Seed
03. Point of No Return
04. There Is No Dawn
5. Weed for the Weak
06. Disdained
07. Borderline
08. Direction Pain
09. Ways of Self Destruction
10. Interlude
11. At the End of Time

Mosh – Vo-kills
Mexxx – Guitar & backing vo-kills
Uis – Guitar
Gorbi – Bass
Hell-Mut – Drums