Breakdown – Time to Kill

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2007, Unsilent Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Brazilian thrashers Breakdown started around in 1998 under the moniker Warhead, playing Judas Priest, Sodom, Iron Maiden, Kreator, etc., as their covers. Just like with so many other bands, starting a band isn´t an easy task. Breakdown suffered from finding suitable band members to complete the line-up of Breakdown, but eventually Leonardo, Danilo and Leandro found a perfect match together and got the band ready for their first serious deadly strike.

This ´first serious deadly strike´ could be considered the band´s debut album, titled TIME TO KILL, as I honestly gotta admit that Breakdown´s album is seriously one of the best thrash debuts that I´ve had the pleasure to listen to for quite a while. Knowing the fact they come from Brazil (Sao Paulo, to be more accurate with all of you), I stopped wondering why they sound so convincing and absolutely killer as far as their relentless and vicious thrash goes… ;o)

Breakdown thrash their hearts and souls out in the name of the ´80s spirit – and especially in the name of the Teutonic thrash metal scene of the ´80s. When listening to the songs off TIME TO KILL, it becomes more and more evident that this threesome has spent more than a few hours spinning some classic German thrash metal vinyls from their precious personal collections. Surely such classic German masterpieces of thrash as Kreator´s PLEASURE TO KILL, Sodom´s AGENT ORANGE , Exumer´s POSSESSED BY FIRE can be singled out from that pile – and probably even more. But especially it´s German thrashers Angel Dust´s INTO THE DARK PAST album that Breakdown owes at least something for incorporating very similar elements into a kick-ass thrash that Angel Dust did on their ripping debut. Breakdown´s playing is thoroughly very intense, energetic, somewhat straight-to-the-point and overall catchy. Riffs and leads are mostly on an exceptionally superb level and these fellows seem to have a true sense for how they actually want Breakdown to sound like. In fact, I don´t think they can make this stuff sound any more convincing than what they do on TIME TO KILL already. Their strongly ´80s flavored, German-inspired (or Angel Dust-inspired) thrash rolls over a listener very effortlessly, and makes us all convinced how good they are at their own game. Songs like \”And the Attack Doesn´t Stop\” and \”Mutant Personality\” don´t leave even deceased corpses cold, but pump them up with life again. Also, I guess it needs to be mentioned that Leo sounds quite strongly like Chuck Schuldiner did on Death´s SPIRITUAL HEALING album, so how can one not like his vocal parts?

I don´t wanna say more. Let their music do all the talking for all of you next. Yep, it´s really time to kill with this pleasingly crushing slap of Breakdown´s thrash and… BAM!


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Track Listing:
01. And the Attack Doesn\’t Stop
02. From Other Side
03. Misanthropic World
04. War
05. Mutant Personality
06. Traitor
07. Nuclewarchild Victims
08. Time to Kill

Leo – Guitars and vocals
Danilo – Bass guitar & backing vocals
Leandro – Drums