Alpha Galates – A Stimulus For Reason

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2008, EMI
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Heavy, dark and melodic are the terms best used to describe the feeling you get upon listening to this album. Formally known as The Hollow; this Toronto based band is a well blended mix of heavy and progressive rock. This is their debut album with the new moniker and it won’t be their last. Upon listening to it you cannot help but think of bands like Tool and Opeth as well as progressive acts like Porcupine Tree.

The first single “Natio” was recently released to radio this past July to much acclaim and praise. The video clip for it can be seen on the band’s MySpace page and featured in the Halo 3 trailer. With such exposure it shouldn’t take long for them to hit it big. Whilst their blend is not overly original it is far from the mass produced slop you regularly hear on allot of the radio stations today. The riffs are full on and the drums are just over the top, add in some melodic bass lines and you have the recipe for success.


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Track Listing:
1. conformity
2. 2 months in
3. standing
6. the darkest eyes
7. passion
8. stop programming
9. love despair
10. time out
11. subliminal
12. entropy and chaos

Harmony – vocals, piano/keyboards
Todd Lefever – vocals, guitar
Rowan MacPhail – vocals, guitar
Karen Wagner – bass guitar
Matthew James Von Wagner – vocals, drums