Nightwish live at KB-hallen in Copenhagen Denmark 2007

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Fennoscandian Passion Play Tour
KB- Hallen
28/11 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Nightwish’s new album DARK PASSION PLAY has already sold over 30 000 copies in Sweden only and the album is one of the most longed for this year. The band has toured through the USA and this evening the band came to conquer Denmark. All of the tickets to the three shows in Sweden were all sold out so in order to see the band I had to go over the bridge to Copenhagen and KB-Hallen. 

This particular night it rained and the wind blew like hell but when I arrived at the venue a few hours early there was already a long line waiting to get in. Some of the people kept warm by singing and I met a few Swedes that hadn’t got tickets to the Swedish shows.

A little after 19.00 opened the doors and the crowd were let in to the warm. I talked with the head of press/photo passes and he said that there were well over 3000 tickets sold and that the show was sold out.

The support act Indica went on stage 20.00 and to be honest I didn’t care much about them as I was totally focused on Nightwish. You could really feel the excitement in the air when Indica went off stage and the crew started to prepare the stage for the evenings headline act. And the big question was if the new Swedish singer Anette Olzon was gonna do the band justice in a live situation. I think she did a great job on the album but it’s different to perform in a live situation.


Well, finally the lights were off and the stage lit up. Out came

Jukka – drums
Tuomas – keyboards, piano
Emppu – guitar
Marco – bass, lead vocals
Anette – lead vocals

The entire venue literally exploded and the fans cheers and screams had no limits. The show kicked off with the brilliant “Bye Bye Beautiful” and Anette had the audience in her hands right from the start. I thought that the audience maybe was gonna be a little reluctant about the new singer but I was totally wrong. Because of all the pyro during the first three songs we weren’t aloud to take pics in the pit. Instead we were aloud to take pics of song 4-5-6.

The stage was empty except for a huge podium where drummer Jukka sat with a big backdrop behind him showing the new cover artwork. On each side of the podium were fire burning and the show continued with “Cadence of her Last Breath”. During both songs there were lights and sparks fired off and that continued through the entire evening.

“Dark Chest of Wonders” was the evening’s first older song originally sung by Tarja Turunen but their were no longing for Turunen what so ever, Olzon managed to pull off all her old songs perfect and Turunens high opera parts had been cut away in certain songs so that Olzon would be able to sing them.

Olzon seemed incredibly happy to be on stage and she looked much happier this night compared to what Turunen ever did. She ran across the stage from side to side and got an enormous response from the crowd. She told the Danes that she considered Denmark to be her second native country because she comes from a city just 20 minutes across the Swedish border. That of course brought down cheers and screams and made Olzon even more popular.

“Ever Dream”, the single release “Amaranth” and “The Islander” continued the show and when I stood in the pit I could really see up close how happy Olzon seemed to be and how much she enjoyed being on stage. 

Next up was the marathon long song “The Poet and the Pendulum” taken from DARK PASSION PLAY. Olzon and Marco shared the talking in between the songs, however there wasn’t much talking because many of the songs transcended into each other.

“She is my Sin” came and the next song fitted to be played in the very hot KB-Hallen and it was “Sahara”. Confetti rained down over the crowd looking like snow when “Nemo” was played. Marco thanked everyone for being there and said it was great fun for the band to be playing in Denmark again; it’s been a while since they last visited the country. “Nemo” was also the last song on the set list.

It looked like the band had a great time on stage when they thanked the audience, but of course the crowd wanted more and cheered on Nightwish for encores.

The encores began with “7 Days to the Wolves” and “Wishmaster”, and then Marco asked if we missed any song, a song with maybe the word Angel in the title. “I Wish I Had an Angel”, bombs, fire and sparks finished the incredible show with Nightwish and the sing a long and clapping and cheering grew even bigger and louder.

The entire 90 minute show was brilliant, the set list, the lighting, the effects and sound was in perfect harmony and Olzon is absolutely a very worthy replacement for Turunen.  I did miss a few older songs though but most depend on the opera parts that are hard to sing. The band has moved into being a more symphonic metal band now instead of a symphonic opera metal band and that’s something that really benefits them. It was a solid show and I guess that once Olzon gets a little more routine Nightwish is gonna be a killer live act and a hard live act to beat. This show was one of the better ones I’ve seen for a while.





Set list
Bye Bye Beautiful
Cadence of her Last Breath
Dark Chest of Wonders
Ever Dream
The Islander
The Poet and the Pendulum
She is my Sin

7 Days to the Wolves
I Wish I Had an Angel



Many thanks to Frederikke Iuel Brockdorff at ICO Concert Promotion for help with press/photo pass to this show

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