Fatal Smile live at Powerhouse in Malmo Sweden 2007

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Fatal Smile
Club Powerhouse

Bodoni, Malmoe, Sweden
30/11 2007

Reviewed and pics by: Anders Sandvall

The hardrock/metal club Powerhouse located in downtown Malmo celebrated their 1st year of rocking on the 30th of November. Both smaller local acts and some bigger Swedish bands have played there this year and this night featured two Malmoe bands Hellbelly and 7 Sins on stage supporting the hardrock/metal scene in Malmoe. Besides those acts the club manager had DJ Painkiller booked as well as known Swedish act Fatal Smile.

Club Powerhouse is a pretty small and intimate club where you have the chance to come really close to the performing acts. I arrived at the venue just in time to see Hellbelly who were supposed to be on stage at 10 pm but got delayed and went on 50 minutes later. Hellbelly did a good show and delivered both older and newer material taken from their second album that is about to be recorded soon.

After Hellbelly it was time for the second local act, 7 Sins, to go on stage. Both bands had about 35 minutes to strut their stuff on stage and the audience of about 100 fully enjoyed the live acts.

More people started to arrive when it was time for Fatal Smile to enter the stage. Last time I saw the band in a live situation was at the Rockhimlen Metal Festival in Helsingborg Sweden this summer. That was the first show the band did with both thier new bass player and lead singer.

Fatal Smile have now recorded a brand new album which is about to be released at the beginning of next year and before the show I had the opportunity to meet bandleader and guitarist Y as well as the rest of the band. A new drummer named Zteff has also joined the band.

Just when the clock was about to hit 1.00 the band went on stage and kicked off the show with Neo Natural Freaks taken from their last album. It all sounded solid as a rock and really tight and the band felt more like a unit now than before. Despite the much limited space on the small stage the band delivered a kick ass rocking show that reached out to the people in the back of the venue.  Blade is a born lead singer and he got the crowd going with his strong appearance. He fits perfect into a band of Fatal Smiles caliber and hes a fuel injection to the act and he is hardrock all the way.

The show continued on with Crash and Burn and Bleedin Kiss. Blade thanked DJ Painkiller for having them on stage on this 1 year celebration and he announced that they were about to try a brand new song called Out of My Head which was a heavy hard hitting song with the distinctive Fatal Smile groove in it.

Then came Common People and the bonus track Hip Mutha Fucka where Blade encouraged the audience to sing a long, he also invited DJ Painkiller to come up on stage and sing with them.

Y’s guitar playing was amazing and he along with Blade make a great front line duo. And we can’t forget to mention the cool bass player Alex that had some brilliant bass playing going on as well as the heavy hitting new drummer Zteff that did an excellent job.

When the show was about to end Blade thanked everyone for being there and announced my personal favorite song Learn Love Hate to be their last one for the evening.

This was a great but too short show, 40 minutes, by a brand new and energetic Fatal Smile. Its gonna be fun to hear their new album and the new song was a nice sneak preview of what we can expect from the future.

The only minor negative thing about the evening was the lighting. Even though the lighting has improved a lot from earlier its still not great but thats something to work on for the future. And a little more people there wouldn’t have hurt either, but that’s something one cant do so much about. DJ Painkiller did a great job with the evening and I hope that we can look forward to a 2 year celebration next year.

Neo Natural Freaks
Crash n Burn
Bleedin Kiss
Out of My Head (new song)
Common People
Hip Mutha Fucka
Learn Love Hate

Thanks to DJ Painkiller for the help this evening.

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