Olivia Newton-John And The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Olivia Newton-John

And The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

2008, Capitol

Rating: 4/5


Pop/Rock sensation Olivia Newton-John returned to her homeland of < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Australia in 2006 to perform a show at the famous Opera House in Sydney. What makes this DVD special is that she gets to perform for family and friends in this landmark location and this was her first time performing there since 1980.

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Upon putting the disc in my player I sat back to watch the show in a well mixed 5.1 audio. As they performed the first song I thought to myself that the guitarist looked familiar but there wasn’t a close-up on him. During “Magic” there was a better shot of him and I knew then that I knew of him from another band but couldn’t quite place it. When I went and looked at the liner notes it was none other than former Danger Danger guitarist Andy Timmons. Partway through the show ONJ introduced the band and Andy as guitarist and musical director.


The DVD is loaded with hits and Olivia still has that beautiful voice. She has aged quite gracefully and is still easy on the eyes. She does something from all aspects of her career, she does the Dylan tune “If Not For You” that she did back in the early 70’s, this was followed by “Let Me Be There” which was another early hit for her. Probably most known for her infamous role as Sandy in the movie GREASE with John Travolta; she does a few numbers from that multi-platinum soundtrack. The only thing that could have made that performance better was if Travolta himself appeared onstage to help sing the duets. The 80’s, 90’s and new millennium are covered as well with songs like “Physical”, “I Honestly Love You” and “Serenity”.


A full on live show backed by a symphony makes it sound so huge. The songs have stood up pretty well over time. Once I realized Andy was in her band I kept waiting for some great solo or guitar work but it never came. He played the songs fantastically and had a real great sound. He looked like he was enjoying it up there on stage. All in all this is a great collection of Live Hits from Olivia.

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