Scum of the Earth – Sleaze Freak

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Scum of the Earth

Sleaze Freak

2007, Eclipse Records

Rating: 3/5


Upon hearing the name Scum of the Earth you may immediately think back to the old WKRP episode where the band took over the radio station during Dr. Johnny Fever’s show. This is NOT the same group. This is a band formed by former Rob Zombie guitarist: Riggs.

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The music on this sophomore is not too far removed from the material he made with Zombie. It is quite evident after listening to the album how important Riggs was to the overall Zombie sound and his importance in the band. His distorted guitar has quite the crunch to it and the guitar riffs just emit a punch to the chest. The steady beat just marches on and creates a backbone for the simple lyrics and rough vocals. Even vocally Riggs sounds close to Zombie.


The DVD that is included in this release shows the band in the studio making the album as well as showing some fans at shows. The interview clips are intertwined with somewhat hilarious stories of things that have happened to them. There is even a short piece on Metal Sanaz getting a tattoo done.


The only downfall to this release is that it uses too much programming and computer generated sounds. Riggs also sounds too much like Zombie which may have some listeners slightly confused into thinking it is a new Rob Zombie release.