Primal Fear – New Religion Europe Tour, at The Rock Copenhagen, Denmark 2007

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Primal Fear
New Religion European Tour
The Rock
14/11  2007

Review and photos by Anders Sandvall

Primal Fear is finally out on the road in Europe to support their brand new album NEW RELIGION. They are touring together with another German act UDO and they are co-headlining the tour. It’s been a while since I last saw the band; I think it was two years ago since they last visited Scandinavia. For me this evening was totally dedicated to Primal Fear and nothing else.

I met all of the guys in the band earlier during the day and they were just as nice and friendly as always. The ordinary guitarist Stefan Leibing wasn’t along instead they had a session guitarist from the band Sinner named Alex Beyrodt. He was also in the Primal Fear touring band 99-00. Leibing would join the band when they wentback to Germany.  And drummer Randy Black wondered how things were with the Malmoe metal icon Debase which he had toured with when he was in Annihilator a couple of years ago.

When I arrived at The Rock I noticed that there were more people there compared to what it was a few nights ago when I saw Dokken and Kingdom Come.

Everybody thought that the support act Iron Fire were gonna come on stage when the lights went out but instead out came Primal Fear. “Sign of Fear” kicked off the show and went straight into the next song Rollercoaster. Scheepers then said that it was fun to be in Denmark and that it was their first time there. He invited us to sing a long in the next song which was Running In the Dust which everyone did.

The audience followed Scheepers every move and did everything he told them to. Despite the somewhat narrow space on stage Scheepers, bass player Sinner and guitarist Wolter ran around like maniacs and really lit up the audience. Then came Nuclear Fire and Face the Emptiness and in the middle stood drummer Randy Black’s drum kit in front of a huge back drop with the latest cover artwork of the bands new album on it.

The light and the sound were excellent which was fun especially when the lighting has left more to wish for during my previous visits to the venue. Scheepers mostly said thanks and then introduced the next song and the small amount of talking probably depended on the limited time they had to perform.

Primal Fear was as tight as always on stage and it’s fun to see Scheepers and Sinner in action together as they really knows how to have a good time on stage. The tempo slowed down a bit and The Final Embrace was played. That announced that the evening was soon about to end and the last song was the tribute to all the metal fans in the world Metal is Forever.

Before the band went off stage Scheepers thanked everyone for coming and said that it had been great fun to play in Copenhagen. When they came back to do encores Scheepers said he loved the crowd and belted out Blood on your Hands and Chainbreaker before the 90 minutes had come to an end. This was another great show by one of Germany’s greatest metal acts of modern time. This was German heavy metal at its best and they delivered a stunning show with an explosive set-list. It was fun to hear Scheepers sing in his lower vocal register because that only benefits the band and their material. I think both the band and the audience were really happy with this show.





Thanks to Nils Krøyer at The Rock for all the help with press/photo pass to the show. And a big thanks to the nice staff and security at the venue.

Thanks to Primal Fear’s tour manager Achim for help this night

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Sign of Fear
Running in the Dust
Nuclear Fire
Face The Emptiness
Angel in Black
Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove
New Religion
Battalions of Hate
Demons and Angels
Fighting the Darkness
Final Embrace
Metal is Forever

Blood on your Hands