Iced Earth / Annihilator live at Kulturbolaget in Malmo Sweden 2007

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Iced Earth
Annihilator – Special Guest
Turisas – Support 
The Wicked World Tour – chapter 1 Europe
21/10 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Last time Iced Earth were about to come over to Europe the was tour cancelled so I guess all fans were really excited to see Iced Earth live on stage. I was most glad to see Annihilator again that was special guest this evening. The age limit was 13 and when I arrived to KB there were a small crowd waiting in line outside. 30 minutes ahead of schedule came the evenings support act, the Finish folk metal bangers in Turisas. I didn’t like their album and I have to say that they weren’t any better in a live situation. The guys were dressed in some kind of leather outfits and they even had a guy playing accordion. Needless to say I was happy when Turisas and their battle metal went off stage.


The change of instruments and backdrop went really quickly and it took only 15-20 minutes until Annihilator came on stage. Jeff Waters and his longtime partner in crime Dave Padden, guitar and lead vocals, kicked off the night with “King of the Kill” and the small audience went crazy. It looked like many of the people were there to see Annihilator and the band sure delivered a show worth the money. Waters ran across the entire stage and worked really hard and when the next song “Operation Annihilation” came with Waters behind the mic the cheers had no limits.

Annihilator did 8 songs and the set lists mainly consisted of old classic songs. The last song for the evening was “Alison Hell” before the band said thanked and went off stage. By then had about one hour gone and unfortunately weren’t there any time for encores. The band delivered a high class show with many classis songs that has stood the test of time real well. This was the third time Annihilator visited Europe this year. The first time it was with Trivium, second time they did festival shows and now this third time with Iced Earth. Many of the people I talked with thought that Annihilator should be the headline act and Iced Earth the special guest, that’s how great Annihilator was.


King of the Hill
Operation Annihilation
Clown Parade
Set the World on Fire
Never Neverland
Alice In Hell

Iced Earth

Then the lights faded out the intro music came on. Iced Earth doesn’t use the same members on album as on stage, the line up this evening were

Jon Schaffer – guitar, vocals
Brent Smedley – drums
Dennis Hayes – bass
Troy Steele – guitar
Tim Owens – lead vocals

While the intro played Ripper Owens came up on stage and the evening began with the song “Something Wicked part 1”. The audience had now increased and it looked like the venue was semi-filled with people and they all chanted and screamed when Owens came on stage.

The only thing on stage, besides the musicians, was a huge backdrop with the latest cover art-work of the album and a gigantic drum-kit. That made it a lot of space for the members to move around , something they didn’t do though. The show continued with “Man’s Motivation” and carried on with “Setian Massacre”.

Owens said his first words for the night after these songs; he said it was great fun to be in Malmoe and to play for all the fans. He said that most of the material this evening was taken from their latest album FRAMING ARMAGEDDON: SOMETHING WICKED PART 1 but that we could also expect a few old classics as well.

Owens shows more of his enormous vocal range now than what he did during his time in Judas Priest, and what a voice that man has. Some of the older classics Iced Earth did were “Burning Times”, “Violate”, “Vengeance Is Mine”, “Dracula”, “The Hunter”, “Melancholy” and “Iced Earth”. The band was incredibly tight and strong but nothing much happened except for the singing. Their music has also a tendency of being a little monotonous because many of the songs sounds quite a like each other. But the guys did a great job and the audience totally loved them. At the end of the show the band leader Jon Schaffer took over the mic and sang “Stormrider” which he sang great. When Owens returned on stage he introduced “Dracula” and it seemed like the entire band woke up because a totally new energetic side of Iced Earth was shown. “The Hunter” closed the show and Owens thanked everyone who came. But of course the crowd wanted to see more off the band and cheered them out for encores.

The band rowed up “Ten Thousand Strong”, “Hold At All Costs” and “High Water Mark” before it was time to end the show totally. The playing time was about 1 hour 20 minutes which felt OK. But the crowd wanted even more after that and the band returned for the second time to do “Melancholy” and “My Own Savior” before they ended with “Iced Earth”.

The show lasted for 1.40 and it was a great show from time to time. The show had its highlights in certain songs. But many of the songs sounds too alike each other and then the show got a little dull. But I think that every fan got what they expected and was happy with the show. It was sad though that so few people had come to KB. Iced Earth deserved a bigger crowd than the one that was there.

Last time the band was supposed to be here it was cancelled because of Shaffer’s bad back and when I met him I asked him how he was. He said that he had his chiropractor with him on tour and that everything was better. He also said that he realized that Iced Earth was going to make an effort to win the fans back. Many of the fans were disappointed when they cancelled and left the ship and now was the time to try to win them back and they will be back in Europe next year and play more.

Something Wicked pt 1
Mans Motivation
Setian Massacre
Burning Times
Vengeance is Mine
A Charge to Keep
The Hunter
Ten Thousand Strong
Hold at all costs
High Water Mark

My Own Savior
Iced Earth




Many thanks to Suzan Kverh at Playground Music for help with the press/photo pass to the show, and many thanks for all the help through the years.

Thanks to Pekka “Partner in crime” Ristakoski for help with taking care of the set lists this night

The friendly staff and security at KB is worth to be mentioned.

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