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Gloria Morti & Sear
The 11 of November

Helsinki Finland

Once again it was time to head toward the Nosturi Club. The controversial, as well as legendary, Norwegian black metal outfit Mayhem have usually visited Finland every third year. The four piece unleashed the pure armageddon of black metal back in 2004 when the former frontman Maniac was still in their rank.  Therefore Attila’s first appearance on the Finnish soil was worthy of seeing. Attila, as a new frontman for Mayhem, was known for delivering something special, unique and different because his vocals sound brutal and grotesque since those Tormentor days. Despite the Sunday night, the whole club was entirely packed by hundreds of black metal freaks. During these three years Mayhem has gained a huge and new fan base. Obviously those kids born after than DEATHCRUSH came out must have discovered Mayhem by using the tools of the net. However, seeing the new and young generation of the extreme metal genre at the gig was astonishing indeed. Before the secrets of Satan’s mysteries were declared in public a couple of Finnish bands had been booked to open the night for the Norwegian four piece. 

The first domestic outfit named Gloria Morti got onstage to kick the night off. The band has remained a little bit unknown even though a couple of albums have seen the light of day. However the five piece combo delivered approx a 30 minute set of melodic extreme metal. Frankly, it is kind of difficult to label their stuff as it has a wide range of different elements ladled from both black and melodic death metal . The group received a warm and nice response from the audience anxiously waiting for the night’s headliner.


The next band, Sear, hit the stage. A couple of wooden inverted crosses had been roadied to the stage as some kind of sign of evilness of what Sear presented. The five piece’s brutal lethal blackish assault sounded kind of chaotic, which without any doubts fitted to the band’s raging performance. However the sound quality got improved. The band’s frontman was relentless as he moved all around. Sear’s bestial death/black approach seemed to receive a good response.   


After the Finnish bands had finished their own supporting slots, the desperate long roadie break was obviously needed as the stage was prepared for Mayhen’s metallic and above all visual experience. Of course the stage curtain remained closed so that the audience couldn’t have a glance in advance at what sort of surprises could be expected. 

Finally the curtains were pulled aside. The opening intro being the Omen soundtrack Ave Satanas(at least it sounded so similar) roared out of loudspeakers immediately followed by the recognizable riffs of “Deathcrush”. Both Blasphemer and Necrobutcher were smashing their own instruments in their own spot on the stage. There was a black coffin in the middle of the stage, near the drumkits. Attila had laid in the coffin where he rose from with a Santa Claus suit on. It’s without any doubts that more than several black metal puritanists definitely dropped their jaws to the floor when seeing that eccentric figure and dress. Frankly it looked quite Spinal Tappish, but on the other hand it just proved these cult extreme metallers still have the black sense of humour left.


As for the visual side and the construction of the stage, some kind of altar looking thing had been placed in the front of the stage. A plastic beach ball, reminding of the globe was surrounded by several candles had been put on that altar. There were a number of candles and different kinds of religious symbols placed on the stage. During the show Attilla set those religious figures on fire and burnt them to ashes.  Of course pyros and all kinds of sparks created a real fiery feeling for the show. In general the band had invested a lot of effort to the visual issues even though these wellknown impaled pig heads used to be a part of the Mayhem show in the past. To be honest something new and different always has to be made up to entertain the audience.


Blapshemer had withdrawn more into the darkest corner of the stage, mostly focusing on terrorizing the guitar. Whereas Necrobutcher remained as one of the most visible members beside Attila, but tremendously  banging his head. But all in all Attila literally stole the whole show for himself indeed. His stage charisma was absolutely dominating and strong even with the Santa Claus clothes. Eccentric signs of all the incantations, spells and curses made by him with hands and arms looked wicked indeed. Of course HellHammer’s role as a driving force in Mayhem is undisputable, beating the drums with the merciless tight grip.


As to the setlist consisting of both new and of course older material. The already mentioned “DeathCrush” absolutely crushed the audience, whereas “Pure Fucking Armageddon”  definitely represented the mayhemic chaos making Attila throw and smash all the candles to the floor. However “Life Eternity” was an excellent choice to conclude the night of armageddon. But newer songs such “A View From Nihil”, “Anti” “Illuminate Elimate” sounded brutal and even chaotic awesome.

After Attila rejoined Mayhem, some kind of mysterial and magical elements have arrived to the band as well. The band and above all Attila definitely proved themselves as one of the most brutal and nihilistic bands on stage even thoughthey made some comedy references at least occurred in Helsinki.


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