Sven Gali – Aug 11th, Thorold, ON, Canada

Sven Gali

w/Sittin’ Pritty

Aug 11th, < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Thorold, Ont.


 All Photo’s by Celtic Bob 2007


The Moose and Goose in Thorold was the setting for the Uncle Sam’s benefit which was a bar that many bands played over the years. Uncle Sam’s must have been special and hold extremely meaningful to those bands. One such band was Sven Gali who reunited for this one show after too many years apart. A couple of members flew in just for this special show which made it all the more meaningful.



One of the many bands to play that evening was Sittin Pritty. The drummer for the band is Roger Habel Jr. who put together this whole evening. Sittin Pritty (or Standin Ugly as the singer joked) put on a great set of Rocking tunes with great guitar and drums. This was my first introduction to the band and hopefully there will be more to come.







The original drummer for Sven, Rob MacEachern, who was replaced at the time of the record signing, was the guy behind the kit for the reunion show. Andy flew in from < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />China for it and Dee made the trek up from Los Angeles. While they may be a bit older and look a slight bit different (Some of the Big hair is gone) the music was hard, heavy and fast.

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From the moment M.E.A.T. Magazine owner Drew Masters introduced them the place just went up. The energy in the room was astounding that night by both the fans and the band. As soon as Sven hit the stage for the first time in many moons and hit that first welcomed note is was Rock n’ Roll heaven. They pounded out a couple of tunes off the self titled debut before doing one of the 2nd disc INWIRE. Just hearing Dave sing “Freaks” and “Here Today” brought back the memories of seeing them live way back when. At one point Wanless went out into the audience via a rail and holding onto the ceiling rafters for balance. There was one point of slowing down in the short set and that was “Love Don’t Live Here”. During this song Dee sat on a stool while playing an acoustic and Andy stood and strummed one as well.





During the song “Under The Influence“ Andy left the stage quickly. Nobody knew what happened. The guitarist for Sittin Pretty came out to finish the song. When the song was over the entire band left the stage briefly before some of them returned for an excellent cover of the Nazareth tune “This Flight Tonight”. Rob was replaced by Rog Habel Jr. of Sittin Pretty and also the guy who put together this amazing event. Nobody knew why the set was cut short until after the show but once the reason was heard it was easily understood (Hope all is well Andy). Maybe one day they will return for more shows and a small Canadian tour? Can you organize that Rog? 


 Rog. Habel Jr. Sittin in on “This Flight Tonight”





Here Today Gone

Keeps Me Down

Tye Dye Skyes

In My Garden

Love Don’t Live Here



Disgusteen  (Not Performed)

Whisper (Not performed)

Stiff  (Not performed)

This Flight Tonight  (performed without Andy, or Rob)



Other Shots from the evening:







Thanks to Roger Habel Jr. for the access



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