Dokken and Kingdom Come on the Defenders of Rock European Tour at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark

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Kingdom Come
Defenders of Rock European Tour
The Rock
20/10 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Dokken and Kingdom Come have been out on a co-headliner tour around Europe this year. The day before this particular show took place in Copenhagen the two acts attended cruise-rock shows which have become very popular in Scandinavia. The bands played on a ship that sails between Norway and Denmark.

The last time Dokken played on the Scandinavian scene was the year 2005 and it was at the same club as this time the infamous The Rock located in downtown Copenhagen. I guess that many of the Dokken fans were thrilled to see their old idols once again; the Scandinavian audience hasn’t been spoiled with visits from Dokken lately.

My friend and I arrived at the venue a few hours early in order to see if the guys had shown up but they hadn’t. But we met the Swedish act Astral Doors that had played at The Rock two days earlier.

The crowd that was lining up outside The Rock looked much bigger compared to the small crowd that witnessed the Astral Doors show. While we waited for the show to start we cruised around the club and watched people and talked to some friends. And while inside I was right, the audience was much bigger this night compared to two nights ago.

Kingdom Come kicked off the evening and we continued hanging out in the bar because I wasn’t eager or interested to see Lenny Wolf and his Kingdom Come, Pekka however enjoyed the Kingdom Come show. I was only there too see Dokken and only Dokken. Kingdom Come delivered 9 songs and the sound was excellent but as usual there were small problems with the lighting. The lighting system above the stage wasn’t good at all and it wouldn’t hurt if the club invested in some more proper lighting because of the unusual stage position. The band did two encores and to be honest I thought Kingdom Come played boring and anonymous hardrock with no energy what so ever. It looked like another day at work for not only Lenny Wolf but for the rest of his session musicians.

Kingdom Comes Set list were

Gotta Move
Get It On
Slow Down
Should I

Ain’t Crying
Do you

After a pretty long waiting came

Wild Mick Brown – drums, b-vox
Barry Sparks – bass, -b-vox
Jon Levin – guitar
Don Dokken – lead vocals

Don Dokken came out when the intro had faded away and was greeted with cheers and claps. Like a true rocker he entered the stage in black sunglasses even though it was midnight and pitch black. The show kicked off with “Kiss of Death” andwas followed with “Into the Fire” which sounded tight and compact. Don Dokken had problems with his mic and/or the monitor and he couldn’t hear what he sang or the other band members at all. Luckily the crew fixed  the problem and the show continued on with the monster song “Dream Warriors”. But during that song it turned out that the problem still wasn’t fixed and Don Dokken started to be very angry. The audience couldn’t hear anything wrong but apparently Don could hear it.

The latest release from Dokken was the live album FROM CONCEPTION – LIVE 1981 so it’s that album the band is out promoting. The evening included a bunch of old classics from mainly the 80’s and no new material was performed at all. The audience followed Don Dokken’s every move and he’s got the crowd in total control. He was in a great mood and joked around with both the band and the crowd. He also slung on a guitar and played several songs himself which is a bit rare for Don Dokken to do. 

Levin delivered razor sharp guitar riffs from his position beside Don. It felt like he’s grown a lot since last time I saw him. Other magical songs played this evening were “The Hunter”, “Breaking the Chains”, “Alone Again”, “Too High to Fly”, “When Heaven Comes Down” and “Just Got Lucky” amongst many others. And Don Dokken sounded just as good as ever; his voice hasn’t changed much since the 80’s. He invited the crowd to sing a long in “Breaking the Chains”, “When Heaven Comes Down”, “Just Got Lucky” and “It’s not Love”.

Don Dokken said that it was great fun to be back in Scandinavia and it was fun to be out on the road together with Kingdom Come. Both Brown and Sparks each got 5 minutes solos.

One thing that’s a problem with The Rock is that the club doesn’t use fences in front of the bands. Sure, it’s fun for a fan to be so close to the band but for a photographer it’s murder when it’s a huge crowd because it’s hard to get descent shots with all the hands and the pushing that’s going on. That’s

But besides that it was a great show and a great night of brilliant music. The audience cheered the band back on stage and the band did “Tooth and Nail” and “In My Dreams” as encores. Don said that they could go on all night long but unfortunately there is a curfew and the bloody disco was about to kick off. It was a strong finale of a great show and I think all of the people there were as happy as me and Pekka when we left the great club The Rock this evening. It was sure a greatest hits show with all the hits included. Dokken proved that he and the band are still a force to reckon with and hopefully the band is coming back next year when their new album is released.


Set list
Kiss of Death
Into the Fire
Dream Warriors
The Hunter
Breaking The Chains
Paris is Burning
Alone Again
Too High to Fly
Unchain the Night
Just got Lucky
When Heaven Comes Down
It’s not Love

Tooth and Nail
In My Dreams


Many thanks go out to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for help with the press/photo pass to the show

Thanks to the nice staff and friendly and nice security at The Rock

Thanks to Pekka “Blood Brother” Ristakoski for taking care of the set lists this night

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