DeathBreath : Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

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The 31rd of October 2007
Helsinki Finland

by Arto Lehtinen

Back in the late 80’s, a young Swedish lad Nicke Andersson became interested in playing extremely heavy brutal death metal and formed Nihilist with a few buddies. He later ventured to Entombed. In the wake of the wellknown Stockholm death metal explosion several bands tried to adopt the same sounding Sunlight approach that Entombed had created and modified as their recognizable trademark. The whole Stockholm death metal phoenema became more than an institituion. However Nicke Andersson got fed up with the whole death metal thing and pulled out to pursue his Hellacopters rocksters to tremendous fame and glory. After rocking hard and loud during the last ten years, it was about time for Mr. Andersson to return back to his roots. Hellacopters was put on an ice, when mutilated corprses and ass hanging maggots crawled to the limelight as DeathBreath.


DeathBreath was founded as a sideproject by Andersson and Pehrsson to satisfy their passion to play obscure old school death metal in the vein of Autopsy, early Entombed, Repulsion and even Discharge. Irregardless of that, the band’s material is well executed and well created making deadly die hard fans of extreme rotten death metal. Both Andersson and Pehrrsson definitely rely on the old school vibes of what death metal was about back about 20 years ago. There is no modern triggered, blastbeat drumming or other fake things. Just intensive and raw death metal in the old school style. 


Even though the nuclear core of DeathBreath is based on two guys,Erik Wallin from Merciless has been recruited to take care of the second guitar and the bass and half of the vocal duties were handled by none else than Scott Carlsson from the mighty Repulsion. The whole package already looked so fucken incredible that it could be expected to be a real savage brutal death metal onslaught from this combo. Well the bandshirts worn by each member were more than correct, Merciless, Nifelheim, Darkthrone, Repulsion.


Despite the technical problems plagueing the beginning of the set of DeathBreath, the four-piece unleashed one hell of a lethal set. It didn’t prevent them from putting one gear head to show how to chop spree.


Songs picked from these three outputs to cover the night’s festering in the crypt. Of course obvious killer cuts such as “Heading For Decapitation”, “Dragged Throughout The Mud” and mandatory cover songs such “BlackBreath” by Repulsion,  “Lycanthropy” by G.B.H etc. And finally the ultimate old school death metal was concluded by the immortal Bathory song “Sacrifice”. There was no bullshit encore or other gimmicks.

Both Carlsson and Pehrsson equally shared the vocal duties. Above all Pehrsson’s brutal and gutted vocal style sounded and above all was reminiscent of the former Autopsy and current Abscess growler Chris Reifert’s wellknown brutal delivery. Jorgen Sandstorm, having gained a reputation in Grave, Entombed, Krux, had visited as a special guest in Sweden, but it was kind of letdown that he hadn’t been brought to Finland.  But to be honest, seeing Andersson molesting his battery with a tight and sharp beating was absolutely amazing. The guy still has the touch left after playing the guitars in Hellacopters for about ten years.   


Although the four-piece did a real crossfire of songs picked from each DeathBreath release and a few Repulsion tunes and the Bathory cover, unfortunately the playing time had been schedelued to last less than 60 minutes. What a pity. But to be honest the 60 minute set of pure old school death metal maelstorm by DeathBreath is absolutely perfect. As the four piece just let the stream out to stink.

After seeing DeathBreath with these death metal veterans, it can be easily said  that the younger death metal generation has got a lot to learn. But to be a little bit cynical, it is hard to see DeathBreath lasting as long as Andersson’s other bands and involvements. But for now…..  long live old school death metal.