Peter Wichers : Ex-Soilwork Guitarist, Producer

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Peter Wichers

Interview by Shaq

Photos taken from Peter’s MySpace page


After leading the way in one of the most successful acts in the metal scene today from nothing to success, Peter decided to step away from the limelight to make a career as a producer.  In addition, he wrote all the songs for the recently released OUT OF THE DARK album which featured singers from the Nuclear Blast family.  Fortunately, Peter had some time to provide some insight into his new life and what he has been doing.


Some time ago you left the spotlight of Soilwork to work as a producer.  How has that been working out for you?

Things have been pretty good, I have been moving around a lot in the US to find the place for my wife and me, and after a year in LA we decided to move to Nashville and get a house.  I have been writing and producing fulltime since I left Soilwork so I can’t really complain.


What kinds of bands have you been producing?

I worked with some unsigned acts from Atlanta and Baltimore, and I also helped Adam D. track some guitars for the latest All That Remains.  I am also now finishing up the Warrel Dane Solo record which should be done by the end of November.

Did it take long to get adjusted to life in Tennessee?

Well, I am not sure if I’m fully adjusted yet, but it sure is a nice place that reminds me a lot of Sweden. Tons of studios and friendly people.

You are playing on the upcoming Warrel Dane solo album, a project that has been rather quiet as far as news goes. Can you give any updates on its progress?

This album has been worked on for a very long time, and it is nice to finally get it done.  It is turning out great and I know that Warrel is very pleased so far.

What kind of direction has it taken musically?

This album is a bit groovier and less busy that the stuff that Warrel has done in the past.  I tried to write my songs so that Warrel has a bit more space in the songs to sing over, but I do belive that it will be a great record.

Have you worked with him in person on the music, or has it been composed separately?

When I lived in North Carolina he came to write together with me, so we have been composing music together and through email corresponding.


Now let’s talk about your most recent musical project, OUT OF THE DARK, an album written by you and featuring many big names from the Nuclear Blast roster. Was this a fun album to make?

It was, but I also had a lot of pressure and stress getting everything done on time.  I enjoyed the challenge of writing for so many different metal styles.

Did you have any say in the vocalists chosen for the album, or did it all come down from the label? I thought it was odd that Schmier from Destruction was featured on the the lighter counterpart to this album, rather than OUT OF THE DARK.

I agree, but it was not my decision to make. I just got handed a list of singers and that’s what I worked with.

Are there any other singers on the Nuclear Blast roster that you would like to have worked with for the album?

Well, I personally would have liked to write for the Nightwish singer, just because I have never written for female vocals, but I was happy with the list I was offered.


What was the writing process like when dealing with each of the singers.  Were there any that you enjoyed writing for the most, or even the least?

I don’t know if I can comment too much on that, but one of my idols as a teenager was John Bush so he was one of the singers that I was more stoked to work with.

Excluding Strid, had you worked with any of them before?


Did the vocals get recorded remotely by each of the singers, or were you able to work with them personally in the studio?

I unfortunately only tracked two singers – John Bush and Mark Oseguda.  The rest sent their performances over the Internet.  I guess I would have liked to track everyone but it would have been too expensive flying everyone everywhere and I think that it turned out pretty damn good, considering the circumstances.

What are your thoughts on the end result of the album? Do you think the album has the feel of being a normal album, or do you see it as more of a compilation?

I hope people see it as a compilation because that’s what it is, but I guess that you can kind of tell that it’s the same songwriter for all the songs.


Soilwork just released their first album ever that does not involve you.  Have you heard it? If so, what are your thoughts?

I thought it was great!  Bjorn keeps blowing me away on every album he does!

Is there any material on it that came from things you might have written before your departure?

Well I might have had 1 or 2 riffs that I used for the record, but all songs are brand spanking new.

Do you still keep in contact with the guys in Soilwork?

I keep in touch with Bjorn and I do speak to the other guys occasionally, but its hard when you live so far away from each other.


Do you have any plans in the works for working with other bands or projects?

I am mixing a few bands after im done with Warrel, and I have planned to do another project next year, but so far its still just in the discussion stage.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Go check out the record, I am very proud of this one!

I would like to thank Charles Elliot at Nuclear Blast Records for setting up the interview.


Peter Wichers’ MySpace Page