Horna, Vorkreist, Black Lodge – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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Black Lodge

   Nosturi the 16th of September 2007
   Helsinki Finland

Review and Live Pics By Arto Lehtinen

This gig provided a black and industrialized black metal assault from France. That may sound weird and a little bit exotic to the ears of everyone. But to be honest, Vorkreist’s brutal, nihilistic, savage death metal with a raw black metal approach should appeal to anyone digging extreme metal. However, the WCH gig organization did it again by dragging a pretty obscure line-up to Finland. Approaxiately 200 and little more die hard extreme metal freaks had found the way to see these three bands.

When entering the venue, Vorkreist were already mauling on the stage. The band’s most recent album titled SUBLIMATION XXX is an excellent slab of brutal death metal in the vein of Angelcorpse. The five piece weren’t that evil and grim on the stage as it might be expected in the first place. Even the brutalized metal mayhem sounded indeed awesome, but the band’s stage performance was tired, boring and dead. 

The Frenchmen can’t be blamed for being bored and uninterested without a reason. The whole venue was half empty and a fistful of people having arrived on time were only witnessing the French deadly delivery. Of course, that ruins the motivation of each musician and band member by being the opening one at a gig.  Besides the whole band is such an unknown up here in Finland that only a few underground specialists are aware of their existence. If Vorkreist were known better and had a larger following they would have shown an unholy black mark of evilness by giving a real crushing gig experience for anyone at the show.



Black Lodge took to the stage nex. They appear to be a rather eccentric combo consisting of three guys and a computerized drum machine. The approach of the Black Lodge guys terrorizing on the stage can be described as some kind of bastard hybrid of the blacked industrial chaos. It can’t be avoided to criticiz these industrial black metallers for being quite poor and looked pretty amusing with the corpsepaint on their faces. Unfortunately, the sounds of guitars for the industrial black metal offering had been mixed low and the compurterized drum machine hit the beat making ears suffer from infernal bassbeats.

At least the criticial Finnish extreme metal audience were not convinced about this type of the industrial black stuff. Frankly this sort of stuff definitely works better on outputs. But keeping Black Lodge more as a studio working combo would be better than being on the stage.



The Finnish grim evil black metal combo Horna literlly blew both the French bands away and delivered sixhundred and sixtysix times better and more high quality black metal than these touring comrades. The Horna blasphemers unleashed and spread darkness and evil all around the Nosturi Club. Obviously some wiseguy had figured out the meaning of the target a little bit wrong when trying to bottle the bassist off the stage. At least the bassist made pretty much clear that he will show no mercy when getting a hold of who aimed the bottle at him. Surprisingly the sound succeeded in getting to the balance so that even the extreme parts sounded damn well. Horna’s black metal sounded quite sophiscated, not an agonizing listening experience. Damn good to be honest.



As stated above, a few hundred people had entered the gig. To be honest that was pretty much expected as for the attendance for this type of more underground based gig. Once again a hats off to WCH for arranging these real underground oriented gigs here in Finland.

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