Astral Doors New Revelations European Tour at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2007

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Astral Doors
New Revelations European Tour
The Rock
18/10 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



Astral Doors is currently out on a shorter headliner act tour through out Europe that actually kicked off the night I saw them in Copenhagen. The bands new album is a brilliant opus jammed with exquisite songs all with the patented Astral Doors sound the fans have grown to love so much.  If you ask me NEW REVELATION is one of the best albums within the classical hardrock scene of this year. And I was really exited when I discovered that the guys were about to perform in a town near me, the band isn’t known for being a hard touring act.

The tour lasts for 15 days and the most of the cities the band performs in are located in Germany where the guys have a huge fanbase; the show ends the first of December.

When I entered the venue I was stunned by the very small amount of people there. Who dares to miss the amazing Astral Doors with the excellent and strong singer Nils-Patrik Johansson? I was only to hopeing for a bigger crowd to materialize during the night.

The support act Secret Sphere from Italy wasn’t much to cheer for and luckily the crew changed gear fast. Unfortunately the crowd was still pretty small. When the headline act entered on stage the small crowd wasn’t about to affect my mood. I was set on listening and see one of the better acts from Sweden today and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

On the new album, that varies a little from how the band use to sound, Johansson sings in a broader vocal range and uses his lower register much more which I think brings more effect and feeling into the music.

Astral Doors opened the show with the title track from their brand new album NEW REVELATION which is an excellent opening song. The band hasn’t changed any members since last time I saw them opening for Blind Guardian last year and they are still:

Nils-Patrik Johansson – lead vocals
Joachim Nordlund – guitar
Johan Lindstedt – drums
Martin Höglund – guitar
Mika Höranta – bass
Joakim Roberg – organ

The show proceeded on with another song from the new disc called “Freedom War”. The band feels like a solid headline act and I really think that they can take on the headliner role on a longer tour and not only in Europe. After that song Johansson opened his mouth for the first time this evening and said that this was their first show on their European tour and that they were Astral Doors from Borlänge, Sweden. Next up was the song “Bride of Christ” and the sound engineer had really done a great job. The sound used to be a bit dodgy at The Rock was perfect during this show. However the lighting was not the best so it evened out.

Johansson was the hardest working member in the band and even though he mostly stood solid on his position in the middle he got the small crowd going. The guys ran through 14 songs totally and the played both newer as well as older classics. But even though Astral Doors feels like a solid live act I think Johansson can talk a little more, I could partly feel the support syndrome still.

He invited us to sing a long in “London Caves”, “Evil is Forever” and “Time to Rock” amongst others. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand and they shouted and screamed at Johansson’s command. All of the members are excellent musicians and it sounded and felt really tight this night.

The ordinary show ended with “Time to Rock” and the band thanked us for being there. But of course the band re-entered the stage to do encores which were “Black Rain” and “Cloudbreaker”.

The show lasted for about 90 minutes and it was a display of how a classical hardrock show ought to be executed. The set list was perfect and it felt like the small crowd at The Rock was as pleased as I when I left the club and the show was over this night.

New Revelation
Freedom War
Bride of Christ
Tears from a Titan
London Caves
Of the Son and the Father
Hungry People
Bastard Son
Slay the Dragon
Evil is Forever
Time to Rock
Black rain



Thanks to Claus at Intromental Management for help with press/photo-pass to the show

Thanks to the nice staff and security at The Rock for nice treatment

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