Asia – Fantasia: Live In Tokyo

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Fantasia: Live In Tokyo DVD

2007, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

This release creates mixed emotions after viewing it. There are many positive things about it both technically and musically but there are several downfalls which to some may cause it’s viewing to not be a pleasurable experience.

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From a viewing aspect the visual side of the concert is fantastic. The picture is clear and the camera angles are perfect. The camera persons do a great job on capturing the show. Sonically the mix needs some work. Geoff Downes keyboards are way to loud in the mix and he drowns out most of the others in the band especially Steve Howe’s guitar. This takes away from the enjoyment drastically unless you are a big fan of loud keys. For those of us that listen as a whole it is more of a distraction. From a musical standpoint each and every member is on top of their game and play with the utmost perfection. Watching them is a bit boring as they tend to stay in one spot and concentrate on their musical performance rather then run around on the stage. This is probably why the audience seems to enjoy the show but not really getting into it.


Some of the disc’s hi-lights are when we get performances from the members previous band’s such as King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King”, Yes’s “Roundabout” and the biggest surprise was “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles. It was at the end of the latter when John introduced Downes as Geoffrey Buggle. The final track was the most energetic and uplifting song performed. The crowd got into this live rendition of the band’s most famous song; “Heat Of The Moment”. A timeless classic that holds up today.


A release that has its moments and worth checking out. For some the mix and non existent stage movement may deter some but if you look past that you will get great music played by exceptional musicians.