The Beach Boys – The Warmth Of The Sun

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The Beach Boys

The Warmth Of The Sun

2007, Capitol Records

Rating: 3.5/5

The Beach Boys are the quintessential sound of summer. When you hear their songs on the radio you know its time for some summertime fun. This is another compilation of Beach Boys material culled from their vast catalog. Intertwining some well known favorites with some lesser known ones creates an interesting package. What sets this apart from every other Beach Boys collection?

The major difference in this compilation is that it features some old mixes of songs that are not readily available on disc. For the casual fan they could care less about having the different mixs of the songs as long as they have them in clear audio. For the collector you need to have every mix and version of every track recorded to complete your collection. This release should help the latter a small bit. For myself personally it is just a great collection of summer tunes.


Despite which category you fall into (if you are in either) this is a great sounding compilation of tracks.