Kim Mitchell – Ain’t Life Amazing

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Kim Mitchell

Ain’t Life Amazing

2007, Alert/Koch

Rating: 4/5


Kim has returned to form with his 8th solo cd. After a couple of ‘Not So Great’ releases Kim goes back to writing some great Rock songs. All 11 tracks found here are the Classic Kim we all know and love. These rank up there close to “Rock n Roll Duty”, “I Am A Wild Party” and the like.

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Vocally he is the same and hasn’t lost it a bit, he sounds just as good now as back in the “Go For A Soda” days. The songs are good fun tracks with some of his best guitarwork ever. The solo in “I Got A Line On You” has an awesome tone to it and just rips. It sounds like a jam session as it has the ‘live’ vibe to it. This was an excellent cover he chose here. Songs like the title track and “Rock That Rhyme” are 2 great Rock songs that feature the characteristic traits of Kim. The ballad “Love Overtime” is probably the best mellow track he has ever written, it holds its own.


Definitely a disc that should be in your collection of music. A good time party rock album.