Krisiun, Rotting Christ, Incantation, Crionics – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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Rotting Christ

The 5th of September 2007
Nosturi Helsinki

The Finnish indepent gig organization WestCoastHolocaust aka WCH has arranged plenty of  incredible underground oriented death/black and whatever gigs here in Finland. WCH deserves respect for bringing this four band package for a short tour. Getting this package consisting of Crionics, Incantation, Rotting Christ and Krisiun was a treat from the whole WCH guys, as these kinds of tours and gigs are to be honest quite rare in these areas. However, nearly 500+ people thanked and crawled to taste and feel the brutality of these four bands presenting different genres of extreme metal. 


The Polish death metal combo called Crionics kicked the night off by offering tight played, but above all brutal death metal. It was more than obvious the Polish metal patrol must have kept their eyes and ears open when keeping an eye on seeing the development and the progression of their country mates Behemoth. There were some obvious reminiscent of Behemoth’s attitude and look in a way how the Crionics acted and moved on the stage.

To be honest, it is quite weird why the keyboards have to be added everywhere since their meaning in the music could be more than worthless. All the effects and other computerized sounding echoes created by the keyboards didn’t fit to the live performance of the music of what Crionics stands for at all. The band’s stuff would have sounded superior without these keyboards. Even though three albums have seen the light of day by now, conquering the world may take some time for these death metallers of Poland. Being the first band wasn’t the most pleasant spot for the Polish guys as a couple of dozens of metal freaks had arrived on time to check them out.



Incantation led by John McEntee rose on the stage next to show what real and above all brutal death metal is all about.  Despite three guys being on the stage looked quite hollow, but the attitude and charisma and the passion offered by McEntee’s company was utterly amazing. The trio hammered the Finnish audience down with the stuff picked up from various albums. Songs such as “Ibex Moon”, “Lead To Desolation”, “Once Holy Throne”, “Oath Of Armageddon” belonged to the night’s brutal assault. Sir McEntee’s brutal deep growling was nothing but admirable indeed. Incantation’s putrid brutal and blasphemic evil death metal was something unique and rare heard and seen in Finland for a bloody long time. Obviously John was impressed about the reaction got from the audience as thanking them several times.



After the brutal death metal offering offered by Incantation, it was about time again to switch to another genre or approach of the extreme metal. The long time Greek dark or old school black metallers hit the stage. Rotting Christ is known more for the band’s frontman Sakis Tolis’ world and vision even though Themis Tolis is another core and soul of Rotting Christ.

For obvious reasons the material off the latest opus THEOGONIA took up the lions share of the set list. However, some older tunes such “King Of A Stellar War” were played. The new material without any doubts sounds sort of more of apocalyptic industrialized black metal with some effects. The Greek four piece is sort of between the hammer and anvil since the old school freaks are willing to hear more the old material from the first albums whereas the new stuff needs to be played. The Greek dark black metallers seemed to have a tight grip over the stage performance. Especially the band’s frontman was thrilled about the enthusiastic reactions of the audience as jumping relentlessly and wildly. Rotting Christ definitely divided the opinions for and against amongst the audience after the show. But they have got the biggest audience of that night for sure. 




And then finally the Brazilian death mongers Krisiun. It was quite shocking to witness how the people had started leaving the venue after Rotting Christ. Well going to a gig in the middle of week isn’t that ideal because one has to wake up next morning to rush works or school. Anyway, the Brazilian death metal trio blasted intensively showing no mercy.  Moyses banged his incredible long dark hair roughly. The trio rampaged the stuff from the latest ASSASSINATION album and of course a plenty of others. The trio’s ultimate raging death metal is brutal as hell, the Brazilians are extremely aware of how to create lethal and catchy batte hymns. But but to be honest their debut visit to Finland had more relentless approach and attitude. It is kind of hard to figure out, maybe seeing Krisiun for the first time was quite an experience. However Krisiun’s death metal onslaught which other younger death metal bands should look up for sure.The vocalist Alex Camargo’s kind of Manowar inspirated speeches between songs encouraged the crowd to arrange a moshpit. And Krisiun ruled..


It was awesome to have such a real death or extreme metal night featuring new and old bands and a little bit different approach. It can be expected to see more gigs like this one set by WCH.   


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