The Creepshow

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The Creepshow
Interview with Sickboy, Ginty and Matt
Shanghai Cowgirls, Toronto, Ont.
Aug 4th, 2007


This interview was conducted on the back outdoor patio at Shanghai Cowgirls restaurant on Queen St. in Toronto just a few hours prior to the band playing a killer set next door at the Bovine Sex Club. Due to other patrons and circumstances beyond our control the interview was for the most part untranscribeable BUT here is a brief summary of what took place. Where possible the actual question and answer is provided.

– The European Tour that took place the spring went really well and the turnout was more than they had expected.
– Sarah Sin is fitting in well with the band. Her sister Jen finds it a bit strange seeing her younger sister standing up on stage in her place. Sarah was a bit timid at first but is now doing great. Jen was a bit more badass while Sarah is more sweeter voice, sweeter sound.

Do you have any plans to do a full Canadian tour including all the provinces?

Sickboy – Pretty much from now until November we’re doing North America.  We’re heading out west right now and then down to California, but in October we’re going to be hopefully doing Newfoundland as well.  Ahh…and yeah, we’ll be going from coast to coast.

Sickboy, Sarah and Ginty

– The album is doing well and with only a label here in Canada most of sales are online. They have gotten allot of great reviews and responses from both the CD and the live shows.

Some reviews say you sound like No Doubt if they were good.

Ginty – Oh Snap!!  (Laughs) Take that you cheap bastard.

Sarah and Ginty

– A few things have been written and some ideas tossed around for album #2 which they hope to be out in the new year.
– Their influences are everything from Jerry Lewis to Elvis Costello to Stray Cats.
– Sickboy did say that Matt contributes allot of hair grease to the band (laughs).


Thanks to SHUM at Stereo Dynamite Recordings
Live photos by Celtic Bob