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Live Review and Photo’s by Celtic Bob


After a 9 year hiatus Monster Voodoo Machine returned to the stage. The infamous sawblade behind them as they ripped through a solid set of classic tunes. The crowd was stoked for this full on, high energy show and never let up until afterwards. Doom was clearly at the controls and we saw the Demon rise!!!


Never having the privilege of seeing Monster Voodoo Machine perform in the hey day (or seeing Doom perform at all for that matter) I was stoked for this event. The crowd gathered at the upstairs club and were clearly anticipating seeing MVM back in full force. I made it there in time to catch The Video Dead’s set which was not too bad for a new band just out on street. Clearly an energetic group of musicians who are supporting their debut disc.






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Finally the moment we all been waiting for as Adam and band hit the stage. From the first note of the title track from the forthcoming album RISE DEMON RISE it was a full on aural assault.

The lineup was basically the SUFFERSYSTEM band from the 90’s, probably the best known version of the group. Dean was just hammering the drums the whole night with full force. It was amazing how he never went through a box of sticks and heads. It was between Adam and Dean on who could out intensify the other. Adam was so into the music and you could just see the power and emotion on his face as he belted out the classics.  All era’s of the band were represented with SUFFERSYSTEM taking a slight forefront as one would expect. For me personally hearing “Dragon Style” and “Bastard Is As Bastard Does” were the shows highlights. Those 2 tracks are the most familiar to me and are brutally forceful. How Doom can sing like that for a full show and not lose the voice is beyond me. Major practice and strength in the vocal cords must be a huge part of it. Not to be outdone Jason and Darren laid out some killer riffs and solo’s while Terry worked with Dean keeping the backbeat going at breakneck speed.





His determination to pull off an ass kickin reunion show paid off extremely well. This was a welcomed treat to show the masses that real Metal still exists and it will not die. This is just the new beginning until the Demon rises again………………soon.





Adam (DOOM) Sewell – vocals
Jason Cuddy – guitar
Darren Quinn – guitar
Terry Landry – bass
Dean Bentley – drums
Victor Rebelo (Mundane) – keyboards / samplers / percussion



Here’s the set list:

Rise Demon Rise (Brand new song!)
Threat By Example
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3 Year Plan
Born Guilty
Fetal Position

The Damage Is Done
Thorn In My Side (Quicksand cover)

Get On With It
Dragon Style
Bastard Is As Bastard Does

Copper Theft
Voodoo #1

Thanks to Adam “Doom” Sewell of MVM and Stereo Dynamite Recordings

A few more photo’s from the show: