Freedom Call live at Kulturbolaget Malmö Sweden 2007

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Freedom Call
Nocturnal Dimension Tour
6/9 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The German melodic power metal act Freedom Call is currently out supporting their new studio album DIMENSION. The tour landed in Malmoe before they headed further down Europe. The headline act on the Swedish dates was the Swedish power metal veterans Nocturnal Rites who by the way did an excellent show this particular night.

The age limit this evening was set at 13 years and up, therefore there were a lot of youngsters in the venue banging their head which was fun to see. It’s always nice to see the future rockers in action.

Lots of things have happened in the Freedom Call camp, two new members are added in the guitarist Lars and the bass-player Armin. It was a while since I last saw the band live; I think it was maybe the tour before the previous one so it was fun to see the guys live again.

The first thing I noticed when I came into the club was the lack of people. I have no idea why there were so few people but luckily more people showed up when the show was about to start.

Bandleader Bay entered the stage just as scheduled and kicked off the night with the song “Warriors”. The stage at Kulturbolaget is very deep and the band didn’t have much equipment on stage so the guys had a lot of space to run around on. And again didn’t the club put up any fence so it was a nightmare to take shots.

From the start Bay had the crowd in the palm of his hands and there were spontaneous sing a longs, screams and cheers. Bay looked really pleased but when the band kicked of “Hunting High And Low” I noticed that it wasn’t the new bass-player Armin Donderer standing there, it was somebody else. When that song was over Bay thanked everyone for coming and said how fun it was to be back in Malmoe once again. Bay is an incredible stage persona and a great singer and you could tell that he really loved be on stage. Bay was also the one that used the entire stage to walk and run around on. Guitarist Lars also worked hard to get the crowd going; the only anonymous one was the mysterious bass-player.

I have always had a bit hard to take in the bands cheerful typical German melodic power metal but to my surprise and luck it again, sounded a bit heavier live. The major thing against the band is that they use a lot of pre-programmed backing tracks which give the live performance a static feeling. And here in Sweden it’s now unfortunately forbidden to play as loud as you want to due to laws so all bands have to adjust their music to a certain level which makes the music loose it strength which happened this night.

It seems like the band has a huge fan-base here in Sweden as everyone in the audience answered that they had bought the album when Bay asked them if they had. Then came an older song, “Metal Invasion”. After that follows a bunch of new songs “Blackened Sun”, “Queen Of My World”, “Far Away” and my personal favorite “Mr. Evil”.

Bay asks everyone to sing a long in “Far Away” and “Mr. Evil”. All musicians went silent except for Daniel when “Mr. Evil” was played and Bay stood and listened when the audience sang.

The evening ended with “Land of Light” and “Freedom Call”, Bay thanked everyone again and he hoped to see us soon again. The total amount of playing time was 60 minutes and there were no encores included at all.

Bay and the band did a solid show and it was fun to once again hear that their melodic power metal sounded much harder live. The audience, the band and I were pleased with the show and the evening. The only negative thing was that maybe they could have played more older songs and that the show was a little short. Freedom Call showed that they, despite the major member change, is a live act to count on.



Hunting High And Low
United Alliance
Metal Invasion
Blackened Sun
Mother Earth
Queen Of My World
Far Away
Mr. Evil
Land Of Light
Freedom Call


Thanks to Suzan Kverh at Playground Music for press/photo pass this evening

Thanks to security and staff at KB for nice treatment 

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