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Aug 19th, < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />London, Ontario

CD Release Party For


Another milestone in Helix history; the launch of the latest album. This disc finds Brian and company back on E.M.I. here in Canada who released their 80’s output. What better way to release the new record than with a Sold Out show in their hometown of London, Ontario?



The day started out as a seemingly regular day for Brian but just after dinner when we arrived at the venue and people started to shuffle in did it really kick you that this wasn’t any ordinary Sunday afternoon. The crowd started as a few club regulars with cowboy hats and shirts but soon enough the rockers started to outnumber them. A fine mix of people that included some former band members as well as a large number of friends.

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The show starts out with a bang as the band rips into the title track from the album NO REST FOR THE WICKED. From here on it will be 90 minutes of full on high energy Rock and Roll….Helix style. This was my first time seeing this lineup so I was eager to see how they compared to the 2004 Helix. Lets say they are pretty well equal and do all the tunes justice in their own way. Rick was very impressive on guitar especially during his solo when he tossed in a bit of “Puppets” which surprised the hell out of me as it was very unexpected. Not to be outdone by Rickferd, Jimmy was just shredding through the songs with solo’s and pure RnR energy with a presence that is pure Jimmy. Paul was probably the least energetic performer and just let his solid rhythms speak for themselves. He tended to be off to the side of the small stage for the most part but he did make his presence known. Behind the kit was Brent Neimi; good ol’ Ned whom I met the previous night at Brian’s. Ned is a veteran on the drums and is just having a great time up there and it shows. Ned always has a grin on his face and looks like he’s having the time of his life as he just smacks out that Rock and Roll backbeat. He is a true drummer with a feel for the tunes and not as concerned with the technical aspect as the feel for the music. Ned is a great addition to the Helix band.




The new tunes from THE POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL went over with great applause. They went from disc to stage with a flawless transition; they were made for the stage. The new single “Get Up!”  was spot on and Brian nailed it with energy and pizzazz that really got the crowd worked up. His onstage banter and actions really get the audience into it. After 30+ years in the industry he is one of the best showmen out there and can really work a crowd. The show he puts on is second to none and it doesn’t matter if there is 20 people in the audience or 20,000; they still give it 110%. The new tunes were intertwined with the classics of yesteryear and held their own against them. These new songs sound like they were written with the live show in mind.



There wasn’t much room in the set for mellow music but they did squeeze in “Deep Cuts The Knife” and “Make Me Do” which helped lend a hand for everyone to cool down for a moment. Even the rarely played “Good To The Last Drop” was great to hear live as it’s been out of the live set for sometime.



Just before the encore the band tore into possibly their most known song “Rock You” which Brian left the stage and went out in the crowd for the most part and sang along with them. A true singer who can show many larger acts that it’s the fans that make or break a band and they should never alienate or hide from an audience. It takes this special interaction that sets bands apart and Helix is close to their fans.



All in all it was a great afternoon for Rock and Roll with a fantastic mixture of songs surrounded by fans, family and friends.






No Rest For The Wicked

Boomerang Lover

Get Up!

Wild In The Streets

Dirty Dog

Eat My Dust

Running Wild In The 21st Century

Kids Are All Shakin’
Heavy Metal Love

Rickferd Solo

When The Hammer Falls

Deep Cuts The Knife

Good To The Last Drop

Baby Likes To Ride

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’

Do You Believe In The Power of Rock and Roll?

Animal House

Rock You

Make Me Do Anything You Want

Fill Your Head With Rock

Live Photo’s by Celtic Bob 2007