Voices Of Rock – MMVII

Voices Of Rock

2007,AOR Heaven/ Border Music
Rating: 4/5

Unsurprisingly, this is a project album. It’s led by Chris Lausmann (Bonfire, Jaded Heart) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova), two of Germany’s leading producers, musicians, and singer-songwriters in the melodic hard rock/melodic rock scene. They have gathered a bunch of well-known singers who all sing one song each on this 10-track album. The participants are all of the absolute elite within the melodic hard rock/melodic rock scene – names like Dan Reed, Robin Beck, Göran Edman, James Christian, and Gary Barden.

The bio cites musical similarities with House of Lords, Axel Rudi Pell, and Rainbow – which is totally wrong. I can’t find any music that has anything similar to Rainbow or Axel Rudi Pell on this album. There are similarities with House of Lords, but that’s no surprise with James Christian on the album. There are, however, musical similarities with Journey and Michael Voss’s Bonfire.

Something worth mentioning is the brilliant guitar playing executed by Angel G. Schleifer and the genius Tommy Denander. Those two really add an edge to the album. If you don’t look at the love-filled lyrics, the material is really consistent. It’s fun to hear an album that really had a lot of time and patience put into the lyrics and music.

No, this isn’t the trendiest music genre around, but it’s a well-played album. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such a genius classical melodic hard rock album and it’s fun to hear all of the genre’s greatest voices sing on the same album. James Christian sings “Voodoo Woman”, which is a heavy guitar-based melodic hard rock song with lots of energy and power. It’s a very sing-a-long-friendly song with a catchy chorus. “Over and Done” is sung by Dan Reed; it’s a softer keyboard-based song. Terry Brock lends his voice to “Nightingale”, a melodic hard rock tune in mid-tempo with lots of keyboards and guitars that share the lead part in the mix. The Swedish monster singer Göran Edman sings “China In Your Hands”, and he impresses as always. That man can’t sing badly. It’s a faster song with lots of tempo and energy. The only woman that contributes on MMVII is Robin Beck. She sings the semi-fast classical-guitar-based melodic hard rock track “Underloved”. She is impressive as always and she has an amazing voice along with an incredible feeling for both the lyrics and the music.

This is an excellent choice for all the classical melodic hard rock lovers out there. Hopefully we can look forward to a follow-up album.

Michael Voss – lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Chris Lausmann – guitar, bass, keyboards
Bertram Engel – drums
Angel G. Schleifer – lead guitar
Tommy Denander – lead guitar

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1. Voodoo Woman – James Christian
2. Wild Thing – Jean Beauvoir
3. Nightingale – Terry Brock
4. Over and Done – Dan Reed
5. Phoenix Rising – Johnny Gioeli
6. Irresistible – Harry Hess
7. China in Your Hands – Göran Edman
8. Underloved – Robin Beck
9. Slip Away – Steve Overland
10. Love is Blind – Gary Barden

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