Steel Attack and Cloudscape live at The Watt in Malmö Sweden 2007

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Steel Attack

Cloudscape – special guest

The Watt/Club Powerhouse
3/8 – 2007

Reviewed by Anders Sandvall
Pictures by Anders Sandvall


This evening was all about hardrock and metal when the heavy metal club Club Powerhouse arranged the second Headbangers Night. Bands on stage were 7 Sins, Cloudscape and Steel Attack. Unfortunately I arrived a little late to the club (because I was doing a live interview with Mike Andersson) so I only heard two songs with 7 Sins before they went off the stage.

It took a little while before Cloudscape entered the small stage. Cloudscape hasn’t got any newer album to support so they did songs from their earlier albums with their previous album CRIMSON SKIES in focus. The band is about to head into the studio to record their upcoming third album this winter; this was also the first time the band stood on a stage in Malmoe so I guess that many of the people in the audience were there to see Cloudscape in action.

The band consists off:

Mike Andersson – lead vocals
Haynes Pherson – bass, b-vox
Björn Eliasson – guitar
Roger Lundin – drums
Patrik Svärd – guitar

The band kicked off the show with the brilliant song “Breach in My Sanity” taken from the last album. Andersson did experience mic-troubles so almost half of the songs were unable to be heard. But his fellow band mates rescued the situation with doing an instrumental version of the song.

Next song up was “Shapeshifter” and now the mic worked properly. I could tell right away the guys are pros at what they’re doing and they have an incredible presence despite the small stage. Andersson moved around in the smallspace he got and he really got the crowd going with his voice and stage persona.

Cloudscape did use their 50 minutes really well and they did play 9 songs taken from album number one and two. The bands progressive metal with influences of neo classical hardrock was delivered solid and perfect. Since I last saw them on the Rockhimlen I have listened to the band more and they sure proved that they manage to perform on both a smaller club stage and on an outdoor venue with no problem. The Cloudscape show was really tight and brilliant and I can assure you that you’re about to hear lots more from this band in the future.

The only problem with the show was the bad lighting that sometimes made it hard to take shots and I do think that the band maybe used to much pre-recorded stuff for the backing tracks. I’m one of those that think that what you see on stage is what you’re going to get. But those are minor things in an overall perfect show. 

Breach in My Sanity
AQUA 275
Demon Tears
Take the Blame
The Presence of Spirits
In These Walls
Will We Remain
Under Fire

After the show there was a pause where DJ Painkiller loaded out heavy metal classics to the crowd in await of tonight’s headline act Steel Attack. Steel Attack’s show started really late, about 00.30 at night.

Steel Attack is:

Ronny Hemlin – lead vocals
John Allan – guitar
Johan Jalonen Penn – guitar
Johan Löfgren – bass

The bands ordinary drummer Tony Elfving was sick so the band had a session drummer. New on bass is Johan Löfgren that replaces Anden Andersson.

Steel Attack started off with “Dead Forever” taken from their last album DIABOLIC SYMPHONY but for some reason many had already left the club so Steel Attack played for about 45-50 people which was unlucky for the ones that missed the show. Altogether there were about 150 people this evening.

Lead singer Hemlin didn’t talk much in between songs instead he focused on the songs. The guys mostly stood still on their places because of the small stage but that didn’t stop them from banging their heads. The band ran through 11 songs and Hemlin sounds just as spectacular live as he does on album. That man has an amazing voice that fits incredibly well to be singing melodic/heavy metal. All songs were taken from the last 2 albums where Hemlin sings lead vocals.

Guitarists Penn/Allan delivers strong riffs through the entire show and they are backed up heavily by Löfgren. All that combined with Hemlin makes Steel Attack one of the better bands within their genre today. There were no encores, the songs that closed the show were “Son of a Thousand Souls” and “Out of the Flames”, both taken from the album ENSLAVED. Steel Attack did a really great show despite the small crowd and it was great fun to see and hear them live at last. The band has been alive for a really long time now and it’s about time that their get their big break though abroad by now.

Dead Forever
Shallow Seas of Hatred
Embraced by Fear
Diabolic Symphony
Invisible God
I Bow My Head in Shame
Son of a Thousand Souls
Out of the Flames

Straight after the guys walked off the stage at 02.00 it was time for DJ Painkiller to once again fire off his metal canon but for me it was time to head home. The Watt has it advantages like its intimacy that makes you get real close to the bands. The disadvantages is that the club lacks proper lighting, if you have three bands then please let the first band go on in time otherwise it all gets too late and the audience will go home. Also please take it easy with the smoke machine. It’s hard to get pics if there’s smoke in the way.

It was a great night with excellent music and great fun and it’s only to hope that I get to see both Cloudscape and Steel Attack live again.


Thanks Glenn W a.k.a DJ Painkiller for the help this night

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