Tuska Open Air 2007 – Helsinki, Finland

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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

The 29th of June ? The 1st of July 2007

The Central Park of Kaisaniemi

Helsinki Finland

Review and pics by Luxi Lahtinen and Arto Lehtinen

(additional comments by Mika Hankaniemi)

Once again the prestigious Tuska open air metal festival is here. Thousands of metalheads have travelled from all around Finland and other countries to the central park of Kaisaniemi in order to celebrate the real metal inferno in the middle of Helsinki. This year the Tuska metal festival celebrates its tenth anniversary and of course the offering of the line-up of bands is as colorful as in the previous events.

Getting the mighty Norwegian black metal legends like Emperor and Immortal have been the most awaited ones amongst the audience for sure. However although these so-called big black metal legends definitely attract more of the extreme metal fans, the festival is not limited to one certain metal category. Everyone has something to feel and see and taste during these three days. Above all, power metal had a strong line up – for example Blind Guardian and Stratovarius, being the most known names in Tuska?s bill in 2007.

The festival has become a real guaranteed pure metal festival and has had massive popularity amongst all kinds of metalheads of all ages. The majority of the tickets were already sold out quickly in the advance sales a long time ago. However there were some leftovers if someone was willing to buy, and taste a feeling of metal after all.

Metal-Rules.com was again at Tuska to give an exact review and article on bands. Therefore sit down and enjoy your reading. 


FRIDAY 29.6.2007


The Danish Death/Thrash combo Hatesphere got the dubious privilege of being the 1st band to open Tuska festival in 2007. By ?dubious? I mean being the opening act of the festival is far away from being the best slot in the running order of bands, because most of the audience were still making their way to the festival – and when Hatesphere were churning out their 1st 2-4 songs of their set, the venue was scarcely half-packed by people. However, most of those people who had managed to enter the gates in time, surely were there for Hatesphere, so this metallic feast got the right start.

Hatesphere took the stage in a convincing way. The band?s highly energetic and brutal doses of Death/Thrash Metal went down very well with the crowd, and all in all choosing Hatesphere for being the opening act of Tuska 2007, was obviously the correct sort of wake-up call for the overall atmosphere of this metallic feast. We all know already that Tuska festival is a synonym for a real metal, don?t we? ;o)

This relentlessly moving, actively headbanging Danish fivesome got the audience nicely warmed up for the rest of the bands to come, with their aggressive outbursts of modern deathrashing metal. I wouldn?t mind seeing Hatesphere more often at the forthcoming Tuska events either. They came, delivered and most importantly, left a great impression on us. Damn, these guys are good…! (Luxi)



Scent of Flesh

The sliced flesh adoring torture squad from Finland, known obviously better as its shorter name Scent of Flesh, made their Death Metal invasion to Tuska for the very 1st time. With 3 full-length albums and 1 mini-album behind them already, the band offered their relatively Deicide-esque, brutal and technical Death Metal to a few hundred metalheads with half-passion and almost no attitude at all. As is kinda usual for many bands when playing these festival shows, Scent of Flesh?s destiny was to suffer from a rather bad stage sound. The guitars?sound was way too low in the mix; so did the vocals that had some major problems in the very beginning of the band?s set – at least during the first 2-3 songs anyway.

Even if Scent of Flesh can really knock your teeth to the back of your throat on their studio albums, unfortunately the band?s stage charisma simply wasn?t enough to do the same for me. They certainly are not Deicide – they do not have nearly a charismatic and controversial frontman in the band similar to Glen Benton. Besides that, it would have been expected from them that they at least could have showed a little how excited they were to play at Tuska for the very 1st time in their career, but instead of that the band looked more like dead?n?stoned trees which is by no means a flattering observation regarding them. In all honesty, Scent of Flesh have a lot to improve in terms of their stage presence, so hopefully that will come with time. Oh, be sure to check out their latest murdererous plate titled DEFORM IN TORTURE (on Firebox). It?s a guaranteed punisher in brutal and technical Death Metal! ;o) (Luxi)



Originally the British power metallers were supposed to play in Tuska earlier, but due to the conflicts with their touring dates, the festival date appearance got cancelled. Now the British dragon metallers arrived for the joy of several power metal fans to show how to play the hyper fast and technical power metal. These guys have definitely achieved a huge success during the last few years. The whole five piece was in a wild mood, running all around the stage and jumping like rabbits on the stage. Both the guitarists didn?t spend a single second in one place, just storming on the stage like maniacs. Typical fast and furious Dragonforce show indeed. The whole band is capable of performing highly skilled and hyper fast playing with their so called “extreme power metal”, but in the long run that sort of powerful dragon metal might sound kinda monotonous. It has to be admitted the British metallers are one hell of a live band indeed. It is a pity they have abandoned the trampoline cos it would be fun to see flying dragon metallers. Tuska was the last gig on their long tour and the band will take some rest and will obviously focus on the material writing. (Arto)



Imperia is rather an interesting outfit featuring members from Holland, Norway, Finland and whatever. But it is impossible to say if the band has ever managed to rehearse properly cos members live in different countries. The wild looking frontlady appeared to be damn thrilled about being at Tuska and thanked the audience for the support several times indeed. But as for the material, to be politically correct now, the band could consider rehearsing a little bit more. Imperia sounded quite amateurish indeed. The male members looked more calm and rather remained on the background whereas the frontlady Helena Michaelsen handled all the banging etc. (Arto) 





If you were not already aware of the fact, the Norwegian sons of darkness, Immortal, are back in action again. As the band explains their some years? hiatus, they actually never split up, but put the band on ice for a while, to gather their weapons again in order to come back even stronger some day. To support the band?s ?new coming?, a fistful of reunion gigs were arranged at some festivals and clubs. Also Finland?s Tuska festival was privileged to be on that particular tour list; this tour being called “The Seven Days of Blashyrkh”.

No doubt, looking at the amount of people (of which many were teenager kids with ridiculous looking war paint on their faces) that had crawled out from the bushes to see these Norwegian Black Metal warriors, it became rather evident that the fans of them hadn?t abandoned Immortal during the absence of the band. Immortal were welcomed by the Tuska crowd in a great way, and the band seemed to enjoy fully all the attention they received.

Immortal?s set was a good mixture of both old and new Immortal classics. The main emphasis was naturally on the songs off their SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS album of which they played 3 songs in a row – “Sons of Northern Darkness”, “Tyrants” and “One by One” that also seemed to whet the audience?s appetite for louder and more enthusiastic applauses. It?d have been even more fun if they had also played “Blashyrkh (Mighty Raven)” – while running directionlessly around the stage at the same time – and especially “The Call of the Wintermoon” off DIABOLICAL FULLMOON MYSTICISM while playing their roles the same way they did in this particular video back in the day. Now that would have been the Immortal we all would have wanted to see, wouldn?t it? ;o)

Basically Immortal did what they had to do onstage; to prove to everyone they can still deliver their goods in a convincing way and be an act that can be taken seriously. Immortal did an impressive show at Tuska 2007 with all fire breathing and stuff, despite a few sound technical problems they had during their set. But oh man, it feels good to have them back. (Luxi) 

The Sun no Longer Rises
Withstand the Fall of Time
Sons of Northern Darkness
One by One
Wrath from Above
Unholy Forces of Evil
Unsilent Storms
At The Heart of Winter
Battles in The North





Turisas were at Tuska a few years ago and didn?t convince us that much. Therefore it was about time to take a new glance at these battle metallers. 

The band?s newest effort THE VARANGIAN WAY is absolutely a great piece of slab of real battle metal. Therefore it was more than reasonable to check out these monsters on the Inferno stage.  The band with their wild and savage stage image delivered one hell of  show indeed. The singer marched to the stage with a couple of chicks besides him who took his cape off.

The goddamn tent was totally packed by thousands of people willing to see these monsters. Frankly Turisas would have easily belonged to the mains stage. The whole set and show was nothing but pure battle metallic symphony in the Turisas way. The whole Turisas clan looked like they would have been dragged from the dark middle ages to this century. It was utter amazing to hear when the audience sang their lungs out on ?To Holmgard And Beyond? and other battle hymns. Of course Slayer?s ?Raining Blood? was a little weird addition, but done with the accordion which sounded more weird. (Arto)

Rex Regi Rebellis
To Holmgard and Beyond
One More
Fields of Gold
Raining Blood
In the Court of Jarisleif
A Portage to the Unknown
Battle Metal
Miklagard Overture




Katatonia sounded excellent at the Sue stage. Frontman Jonas Renkse knows how to act and so the crowd sang along with the masters of swedish melancholy especially in the song ?My Twin?. The set was a full of right choices from the albums TONIGHT’S DECISION, LAST FAIR DEAL GONE DOWN, VIVA EMPTINESS and THE GREAT GOLD DISTANCE. (Mika) 

Ghost of the Sun
Will I Arrive
My Twin
Don’t Tell a Soul
Clean Today
Soil’s Song
Had to (Leave)
Right into the Bliss
Dissolving Bonds


Children Of Bodom

Hmm, how many times have Children been to Tuska all in all… Hmm who knows and cares after all as they definitely enjoy and have massive success in Finland and pull large numbers of people to their gigs. Children headling the second day hit the stage and kicked the night off by doing a plenty of the most wellknown songs from their career. Well COB is a guaranteed live act on the stage which offers nothing utter typical Bodom gig for all the Bodom fans. Of course Laiho?s eccentric sense brought vibes to the COB gig for sure. And the crowded area cheered with the massive “Jau-jau” -shouts? (Arto)