Rockhimlen Rock & Metal Festival in Helsingborg Sweden 2007

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Darkane and Crashdiet were the headline acts for Friday and on Saturday Cloudscape and the Swiss act Gotthard headlined. Unfortunately one of my hopes in Kayser cancel.

The organizers had a very admirable cause for the festival; parts of the income of the festival went to charity which made it easier to spend your hard earned money.

I arrived to the festival on Friday noon and I was suprised by the few visitors that were there then. The first acts that opened the festival played for an extremely poor crowd. The festival area was quite huge with stands selling t-shirts, albums and various foods. The area could host 5000 people and the smaller acts all got about 40 minutes to play, the bigger acts got about 1 hour.

There was also a camping available for foreign visitors or for people who didn’t have the energy to go home.

Crazy Lixx

The first act I saw was the Malmoe based glam/sleaze band Crazy Lixx. I have seen them before and they haven’t impressed me in the slightest. All of the musicians are great but the bands weakest link has always been the singer. But to my surprise had the band gotten their act together and they delivered a great show. It felt like the guys had grown tighter and worked more as a band compared to before. The bands singer had also grown vocalwise so I was stunned by their performance this Friday afternoon.

Bai Bang

Next up on the agenda for me were the veterans in Bai Bang. The band lives in Helsingborg therefore the crowd was bigger for them. The crowd seemed to love the band and sang along to almost every classic song the band delivered.

However didn’t the members move around that much on stage instead they relied on their material to get the crowd going. It was an OK show but not more than just OK.  I had wished for a little more action on stage because I know the guys can do better than this. This show is not going to be remembered as a highlight in their career.

Party Queen
Don’t Stop
Rock ‘n’ Roll City
Lay Down
Get Off
Welcome To The Real World
Cop To Con
Long Time Coming
Peepin Tom
X-Ray Specs
I Love The Things You Hate

After Bai Bang had left the stage it was time for one of my personal favorite band, a band that rarely plays in Sweden – Darkane. They were a fresh breeze of harder music in amongst all the glam and sleaze acts this night.


When the darkness covered Helsingborg it was time for the phenomenal band to enter the stage. The intro began and the guys walked on stage and kicked off the show with the brilliant “Wildoerian Apocalypse” that was followed by “Godforsaken Universe”.

The show was all about razor sharp guitar riffs, headbanging and heavy pounding drums masterly executed by the brilliant and gifted Peter Wildoer. But to my great disappointment I noticed when I stood in the photo pit that the lighting was a total disgrace. Despite the huge stage with an excellent sound system the organizers had totally forgot to spend a little time on proper lighting. And with the darkness that had swept in over the area it was almost impossible for me to get great shots, or even shots at all. 

Darkane is:

Andreas Sydow – lead vocals
Peter Wildoer – drums
Christofer Malmström – guitar
Klas Ideberg _ guitar
Jörgen Löfberg – bass

And all four guys in the front did their best to get the audience going, there was a ramp in the middle of the stage that lead singer Sydow used throughout the entire show.

Darkane ran though 13 songs and the Setlist included songs from all of the albums but the main focus is set on songs from the brilliant LAYERS OF LIES from 2005. And I guess that all fans of the band were as happy as I was with the setlist, it sure contained a little snack for everyone.

Sadly the Darkane-hour disappeared with raging speed and what I thought was shortly after they entered they stage Sydow announced their last song for the evening which was “Innocence Gone” and the show was through.

Darkane delivered a mindblowing show from start to finish with the only thing missing was more time to play. The guys sure delivered a performance of world class but unfortunately for a small audience on a couple of 100.

Wildoerian Apocalypse
Godforsaken Universe
Emanation Of Fear
July 1999
Fatal Impact
Layers Of Lies
Organic Canvas
Violence From Within
Chaos Vs Order
Secondary Effects
Innocence Gone

The last act this evening was Crashdiet, but with only one album released I was doubtful as to why this band was a headline act. Instead of staying and watch Crashdiet my friends and I went home to get some sleep before we headed back to the festival the next day.