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Sven Gali: 1987-1994

Report by Celtic Bob, December 2005

Sven Gali was formed in 1987 around Hamilton, Ontario. Canada. Starting out as a cover band they quickly earned a reputation for their amazing and energetic live shows. By the turn of the decade they were snatched up by BMG Music and started to record their self titled debut album. In 1992 the disc hits the streets and is received with open arms. In a time where Grunge is just starting to make its way into the mainstream this was a welcomed treat to the Hard Rock/ Metal world. Despite a stellar debut and a solid follow-up in 1994 the scene changed and the band parted ways and quickly became one for the “Where Are They Now” files!

Dave Wanless (vocals)
Dee Cerniles (guitar)
Andy Frank (guitar)
Shawn ‘TT’ Mahar (bass)
Gregg Gerson (drums)

UPDATE 2007:

Original drummer Rob MacEachern (drummer who left at the time of signing a deal) just told us here at Metal-Rules that Sven Gali will be reuniting for a one off charity show in Thorold, Ontario on Aug 11th. There will be 6 bands playing that night with Sven Gali headlining. The lineup for Sven Gali is:
Dave Wanless (Vocals), Dee Cernile (Guitar and Vocals), Andy Frank (Guitar and vocals), Shawn (T.T.)Mahar (Bass), and me (Drums).

Here is the original Sven Gali featuring Rob MacEachern:

Thanks to Rob for the above picture.

Dave live in Grand Falls, NL 1989

Former Sven Gali vocalist, Dave Wanless, gives us the following exclusive update on his whereabouts…

What have you been doing since Sven Gali disbanded back in the 90’s?

Since the ending of Sven Gali I took some time to figure out what I wanted to do. Played golf for a summer then joined the work force.

Is the Betty Ford Band your fulltime gig or do you have a 9-5 job?

After Sven I started landscaping and it’s something I have been doing off and on, I enjoy working outside. Currently I am an Assistant Store Manager for The Home Depot.

Do you still have any contact with the other members of Sven?


What are they all doing now?

Andy (guitar) is in China working, Dee (guitar) is in L.A he still is writing and recording and Shawn (bass) is directing video’s and playing with The Forgotton Rebels.

Is there ever a chance of a reunion, even if just for a few shows?

With us I would never say never, but for now we are walking down different roads.

Any plans to release an old Sven concert on DVD?

Not at the moment, would anyone care?

Are you writing any new music?

Before the band broke up we wrote another record and recorded tapes full of idea’s, It’s our personal stash now.

Any plans to record another album? Either with Sven, Betty Ford or solo?

Again music will always be in my life, I enjoy playing with Betty Ford and you just never know, we have played an original or 2 so who knows.

Thanks allot for taking the time for us.

Sorry for taking so long to respond!!!

Pictures of Dave now: