Andy Pierce singer for the band United Enemies

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This is a shorter interview with mastermind/lead singer Andy Pierce of United Enemies. The band has recently released their debut album ALL THE SICK THINGS WE DO on the glam/sleaze label Swedmetal Records. Pierce is a busy man that also has reunited his old band Nasty Idols, however, this interview is gonna evolve around Untied Enemies and their brand new brilliant album.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Live and pictures on Andy by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Micke at Swedmetal for setting up this interview

Thanks to Swedmetal Records for the promo pictures of the band







Hi Andy, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions today.

No problemo!

Let’s start of by talking about the new United Enemies album ALL THE SICK THINGS WE DO, I know that the album has been ready for quite a while but haven’t been released until now, how come?

The first version of the album was finished already 2005. At the time when it was recorded we were not signed to a label. We had a few offers but nothing was really to our satisfaction. Bye the end of that year
I suddenly got involved in the Scandinavian releases of Nasty Idols old CD’s. In the beginning of 2006 a new record label, Swedmetal Records released the Nasty Idols “Best Of” called “The Swedish Sleaze Collection” There was also a suggestion of putting Nasty Idols back together as a band.
I decided to put United Enemies on hold for some time.

When was it recorded and what do you think of the album, are you happy with the outcome of it?

Yes, I’m happy with it. I think it really captures what United Enemies are about.

You have written most of the material on your own, have the other members any saying on what songs that does gonna end up on the album?

I’m in a good position. The band members and I choose which songs of mine that will end up on the album…ha ha.

Were there many songs that didn’t make it on to the final album?

I think there were one or two songs that didn’t make it.

Where do you find the inspiration to write songs?

I drink a few beers and just go for it.I have a small tape recorder ready in case I come up with something.
I often find inspiration for the lyrics from my own life or maybe from a movie I’ve just seen.

Why did you title the album ALL THE SICK THINGS WE DO? Does the title mean anything in particular?

I enjoy coming up with the title for an album.For the United Enemies album I looked at all the lyrics and it was clear that all of them were pretty dark. Many of them were about the lifestyle in the fast lane. So I thought it would be cool to sum them up with the title “All The Sick Things We Do”.

What’s the thought behind the cover artwork? What do you think of it?

The cover is mainly a visual picture of the title.
If you look close you can see “sick things” that mankind have come up with, such as guns and cocaine. I think it works great.

I think the album is jammed with high voltage, sweaty rock n roll, how would you like to describe what kind of music United Enemies plays?

Yeah, something like that. When I wrote it my mind was set on the plain and dirty music that Iggy & and Stooges did. No bullshit. No ballads. Just down ‘n’ dirty rock.

Why are all the 4 song on the EP LOVE KILLS featured on the new album? Didn’t you have enough songs to make the CD?

The first EP was not for the people. It was a kind of a “seller” to record labels. We thought that songs turned out that good that we included them on the full length album.

You have done a cover of the Wilmer X song “Hell-a-vision” how come you chosed to make a cover of that song? Is Wilmer X a common favourite band amongst the band members?

Not really, but I know the drummer of Wilmer X and he suggested that we recorded a song that Wilmer X had recorded for an early album. We thought the song was perfect for us.

Henrik Larsson has produced the album, what do you think of his work? How much have you been involved the production work this time, I know that you’re a control freak??

Henrik Larsson has been around for years. He knows me and what I want.I was totally in control of what I wanted and Henrik knew exactly how to achieve it.

Do you have any contact with the rest of the members in United Enemies today?

Yes of course.

Nasty Idols is also signed to Swedmetal Records, are you satisfied with your label so far?

Yes, it works great. I’m always satisfied with labels ‘until they fuck up…ha, ha, ha.

How many albums are United Enemies signed for at Swedmetal Records?

Just one. We’ll take it from that.

Are there any shows booked for United Enemies so far?

Yes, but not officially yet.

Are the band gonna release more albums do you think?

I don’t know.

I know that you have done two shows in Malmoe but have you done more shows besides those? If so when and where and how did they go?

United Enemies are going for show number 3.

Nasty Idols have recently played in England, how was that?

Great. A lot of rockers getting their dream fulfilled! Ha, ha, ha.

Are Nasty Idols going to do more shows, I know that you will play in Stockholm, Sweden soon?

Yes, there’s gonna be more gigs. Nasty Idols gets offers every day around the world, but we’re picky on what we do.
You’ll have to remember that Nasty Idols only reformed for the Sweden Rock Festival 2006. Everything after that have been bonus gigs.

Is there gonna be a new album with Nasty Idols anytime soon?

That’s the idea.

I know that you guys in Nasty Idols have had problems with getting along in the past, how is it now?

Easy when we’re sober and fucking hard when we’re drunk.

Nasty Idols have also a DVD coming up, what can you tell us about that one?

It’s a 2 hour DVD. Live performance with a lot of extra material. It’s all from the last years “Rejects On The Road Tour”.

Which band is now your main priority Nasty Idols or United Enemies?

It depends on what we do with the bands.

Do you have more band’s/project that you are involved in right now?


What’s the next thing Nasty Idols is up to? And next thing for United Enemies is?

Nasty Idols are right now writing and trying out new material for a coming album. United Enemies is laying low and checking out the sales of the debut album.

Give me three reasons why the readers ought to run out and buy the new United Enemies album right away

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Finally, thanks again and do you have any words of wisdom for the fans and readers?

Fuck, drink and rock as much as possible!



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