Captain Murphy – Human Cannonball

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Captain Murphy

Human Cannonball

2007, Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution

Rating: 2.5/5


Captain Murphy is a Swedish act returning with their second studio album. Their successful debut CAPTAIN MURPHY was released in 2004 and was followed by a lot of touring. Just as on their previous album, the band delivers a solid album jammed with groovy rock ‘n’ roll songs with strong retro-60/70’s feeling. The band plays in the same genre as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Deep Purple.
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HUMAN CANNONBALL is a pretty good second album that makes you happy. The band leans even more towards the retro sound now. My personal favorites are “I Belong to the Girls” (which is a brilliant title by the way), “Leaving All the Dead Behind”, “Ooh ah Wap Shee Wah Yeah”, “Lost Little Crissy”, and “Sioux Rocker”. The songs are all really catchy and Gustafsson sprinkles edgy guitar riffs and dangerous harmonies amongst them.

If you liked the debut then I can’t imagine you would have second thoughts about HUMAN CANNONBALL. I feel it’s a little too Beatles-like, but I’m impressed by the great material and stunning production by Chips K. HUMAN CANNONBALL has its moments, but next time please leave the heavy Beatles influence at home and turn up the guitars a notch.


Johnny Borgström – bass, Hammond organ, piano

Fruttas Eriksson – drums

Sonny Boy Gustafsson – lead guitar, vocals, banjo, and piano

Victor Hvidfeldt – rhythm guitar



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Human Cannonball part two (intro)

I Belong to the Girls

Leaving All the Dead Behind

Ooh Ah Wap Shee Wah Yeah

Space Is A Cold And Lonely Place

Lost Little Chrissy

Sioux Rocker


Don’t Believe In ‘Em People

The Mighty Plan

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