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Friday 8.6.2007

Kotipelto (05:15pm; small stage)

Luxi: When Kotipelto & co. welcomed the crowd to Sauna Open Air festival when entering the stage in the late afternoon, the whole area was truly packed by hundreds of people that had all gathered around the small stage. The Stratovarius frontman Timo Kotipelto with his solo band has been doing quite a lot of touring in Europe for their 3rd album, titled SERENITY – and overall the album´s been received exceptionally well amongst the fans of the band. Good for them.

Timo Kotipelto, leading his troops on the small stage, did what they had to do. The touring experience they have obtained showed them as a very professional and tightly playing unit in front of their very well supportive audience. The band undoubtedly knew playing a gig can also be lotsa fun according to all that enthusiams that one could have sensed out from the band´s performance. Obviously this has something to do with the fact there´s a lot of girls in the front row during their set, so it´s no wonder why especially Mr. Kotipelto seemed to enjoy flirting and smiling to a lot to the girls who had come to see the band to the front of the stage. Timo used his every moment for flirting whenever he got a chance for that. No wonder why girls seem to like him so much, he-he! Good for him, I guess. 


Half of the set was based on songs off Kotipelto´s 3rd solo album – and the rest of the songs, for his other two solo albums. The songs were churned out with an energetic attitude and the band moved around the stage respectably well during their whole set (especially Timo himself who proved to be a real showman with big capital letters), it sincerely could be stated the band earned its passing grades for the set they did at Sauna.


Seeds of Sorrow
Lord of Eternity
Once upon a Time
Sleep Well
City of Mysteries
Coldness of My Mind
Take Me Away
Angels Will Cry
Mr. Know-it-all
Travel Trough Time


DIMMU BORGIR (06:15pm, main stage)

Luxi: The Norwegian extreme metallers Dimmu Borgir were privileged to open the gates of Hell on the main stage at Sauna as the first band of the day. The weather had been exceptionally hot for the whole festival thus far, but right before the Dimmus marched on the stage, the sky had started to gather dark clouds above the festival area – and like all of sudden it started thundering and raining heavily when Dimmu Borger took the stage to their possession. The odd thing is that the same thing happened for them two years ago when they played at Tuska Open Air Festival. So, talk about the bringers of all evil and darkness here, heh! Kinda spooky anyway…


“Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” made a great start for the Dimmu´s show; a very effective light show they had with them, plus of course the dominating forces of nature of that ongoing hour, all created a very special vibe and atmosphere for their show. The band´s set list was wisely built around the songs off their last 5 albums (with the exception of “Sorgens Kammer – Del II”) that created an enjoyable wholeness for their splendidly played show. All in all it could be stated Dimmu Borgir´s show was a professional act from a really professional band. Every single movement they did to do onstage, seemed to be very carefully thought-out. Especially Galder´s own performance with his guitar, was somewhat hilarious at times even if this modest observation was simply in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Dimmu Borgir ended their show with “The Fallen Arises” – and so stopped the rain and sky became clear and sunny again. How do they exactly do it?


Niko: Dimmu Borgir appeared on stage with a thunderstorm raging all over the festival area. It looked like heaven was crying in shame when Dimmu´s unholy session started on the main stage. I have to say it was extremely good to see this particular band playing in Finland again. The band was well prepared to hit the audience like Satan´s merciless whip full of nails. These fully tattooed Norwegian blacksters just did a great cavalcade of songs off their most known albums that wasn’t leaving any questions about the goodness of Dimmu Borgir. The sound was good and because of the existing circumstance (thanks to the Gods of weather!), it really doesn’t matter whether there were any lights on stage at all, giving an extra depth and atmosphere into the band´s performance. The roaring storm and lightning was giving enough an extra spice for Dimmu’s set.

The band kicked off with the songs from the DEATH CULT ARMAGEDDON – “Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” and “Vredesbyrd”, which got followed by “Catalysm Children” from the same album. After that band moved back on their successor album, PURITANICAL EUPHORIC MISANTHROPIA where we got to hear a song called “Kings of The Carnival Creation”. After that band moved to their re-make of STORMBLÅST album that offered us “Sorgens Kammer – Del II” and then came another song from PURITANICAL… which was “Indoctrination”. The enthusiast crowd seemed to get what they wanted. After those songs we were going back in time towards probably one of the best Black Metal albums ever, namely ENTHRONE DARKNESS TRIUMPHANT. This album is – no doubts – a remarkable benchmark in the whole career of Dimmu Borgir’s. “Succubus in Rapture” was floating in the air. Shagrath “kindly” asked whether crowd was eager to hear some songs from the new album IN SORTE DIABOLI. I guess it´s rather needles to say that the response was wild. “The Serpentine Offering” and “The Chosen Legacy” came next from that new album. “The Insight & the Catharsis” was the only cut from the SPIRITUAL BLACK DIMENSIONS, but was well served by the band nonetheless.


In the end of the show we got spoiled by two killer cuts from ENTHRONE DARKNESS TRIUMPHANT – “Spellbound (by the Devil)” and of course the “Mourning Palace” which is amongst those songs that can be considered ´must-songs´ in Dimmu’s set. Especially it was weird to see that sun started throwing its rays towards the festival area right when the first chords of “Mourning Palace” were spred over the audience…

You know, I’d really like to know is this “thing” happening somewhere else also, but not in Finland only? Two years ago same thing happened at the Tuska Festival (dark clouds gathered to embrace Dimmu Borgir during their set like almost out from nowhere) – and here at Sauna 2007 there was a suddenly started storm roaring straight after Dimmu Borgir had started their set. On the other hand, Dimmu´s show truly such a set to be remembered. In my opinion we could say that Dimmu Borgir´s performance was amongst the best ones in the whole festival this year. The band continued their winning streak as far as their professionally done and entertaining show was concerned. Vortex was a real entertainer with his singing parts, Galder and Silenoz were playing great although these two kind of kept in the background what came to their communication overall with the crowd. I guess this is just part of their image more than anything else. Shagrath was having a good time on the stage, too. Or at least it looked like he did.

Dimmu Borgir basically played songs everybody expected and wanted to hear from them playing. The atmosphere was definitely interesting through the whole show – partly thanks also to the raging storm that brought its own spice into the wholeness. Judging from the support of the crowd, Dimmu´s show didn´t leave any questions open what band actually is one of the most wanted and popular Black Metal acts in Finland. I think that band itself knew that kinda well too, I suppose.

Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
Cataclysm Children
Kings of the Carnival Creation
Sorgens Kammer – Del II
Succubus in Rapture
The Serpentine Offering
The Chosen Legacy
The Inside & the Catharsis
Spellbound (by the Devil)
Mourning Palace
The Fallen Arises


TYPE O NEGATIVE (08:30pm; main stage)

May I light your cigarette?

Niko: Ok guys. Time has come to wrap your arms around your honey’s waist and ask gently: “May I light your cigarette?” The mighty gothic masters Type O Negative were on their way onto stage!

I was personally witnessing Type´s gig in Helsinki when they did their “October Rust” -tour and have to say that it was one of the best gigs I’ve seen in my life. And I’ve seen quite a few… What? Are you seriously trying to say I’m old? Ok. I know, I know… That was over 10 years ago and my expectations were running pretty darn high toward their forthcoming set at Sauna 2007, I can tell.

So, what we got? Rumours were telling that Mr. Steele may not be in good shape, and he may not be able to play long sets? Hmm… Anyway, Type O´s whole set lasted about 1 hour and 20 minutes, so it’s hard to say what these rumors were all about. Obviously they didn´t seem to hold any water. Later on I heard that Steele was suffering from food poisoning that may tell something about his entity on stage: Hanging around on the stage relentlessly, long breaks between the songs, tuning up his bass almost after each played song, sitting down whenever he felt like doing so, banging his head against the cabs and showing off himself as he was blind and looking his way back to home or something. During the set it mostly looked like Mr. Steele was ´little´ bored to play old classics like “Black No#1” or “Christian Woman”. Most of the set contained songs from the more ´punk´ish´ side of Type O Negative. The whole set was both satisfying and both disappointing at the same time. I mean, satisfying partly because it brought out new sides from TON. I’ve never heard Kenny Hickey´s singing which he did surprisingly well. But I couldn´t avoid the feeling that the whole set was build upon Hickey’s ability to sing some certain songs better than the others. I never ever heard in my life Josh Silver’s singing, which was… kinda ´interesting´ indeed. His performance with “Xero Tolerance” was strong. It’s hard to say is Josh Silver even more freak than Rammstein’s Christian Lorenz. Both keyboardists certainly have a style of their own (with women’s clothes or without). The silver-bearded Mr. Silver showed his respect towards the audience by grabbing his balls several times or just laughing and showing his middle finger to the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, it´s fine with me. Everybody can have fun in their own way which Mr. Silver was eventually doing, his own way.


Anyways, Type O started their set with “Magical Mystery Tour” like every other show on this tour. After that came the evergreen classic tune “We Hate Everyone” which was soon followed by “Profits of Doom”, which truly was a great tune from their new album DEAD AGAIN. A song titled “Anesthesia” contained some hints that band was actually playing in Finland. In other words, Finlandia Vodka was briefly mentioned in the song itself. “These Three Things” followed straight after “Anesthesia”. The band took their first break after that. It’s relativelt amusing to watch their performance when the band just leaves the stage without commenting anything to the crowd. Those of who know well Type O Negative’s sense of humor, may not be surprised at all how they acted on the stage.

Josh Silver was having fun in “Xero Tolerance” with Peter and Kenny. Silver’s intensity on the stage is nothing, but adorable. When the song was finished by the guys, all of a sudden they decided to have another shit-break, which this time, was pretty a long one actually. And now we’re talking about some serious business here, huh! When the next song started, I realized why I was there to see the band: A beautifully song with a frozen feeling, “Love You to Death”, was the highlight of the set, and it was the ONLY song from the much-praised OCTOBER RUST album. Kinda pity actually…

Another undying classic was quickly following: “Christian Woman”. I bet there were a lot of wet panties in front of the crowd when this song got started. Every woman in the audience surely wants to be that woman in the song and got fucked by… who? When the song had reached its middle part while Peter Steele was singing: “… Jesus Christ looks like me…”, there was a guy on stage wearing Jesus-beard and a green worker´s shirt. Steele himself rewarded the guy when the song ended by saying: “Jesus Christ everybody!” – and pointing his finger at him. The show got finished by the “Black No.1” and I think it was perfect way to end their set.

Afterwards I really got disappointed by the fact that band had left so many great songs out from their set. Just one song from LIFE IS KILLING ME, none from WORLD IS COMING DOWN and just one from OCTOBER RUST. Type O Negative is in my opinion one the fewest bands in the whole world that could easily play such a killer set that after witnessing such one, you could lie down and die as a happy man. Type O has never recorded crap; they have no bad albums at all. So I´m just wondering why on earth they didn´t such songs for their set list that could have knocked all of us dead in the crowd? We could get conversation going on about artists’ freedom of expressing kind of ´the-best-of-the-best´ from them for hours and hours, but let´s not do it now. I have no intention to kill anyone of you by lengthened boredom, y´know. I think that one of the biggest reasons for playing so-called ´the-must-play-songs´, is the audience who’s kind of basically paying for the whole fun, right?


It’s always entertaining to look at Type O Negative’s appearance on the stage. This time there was nothing wrong with the appearance itself either but merely with the songs that weren’t those most wanted, classic Type -songs that people had come to hear from them. Like I already said, kinda pity and sad indeed…

After the show there were three (old) journalists sitting on the grass, drinking beer and having a conversation about Peter Steele’s dick. (Not about yours Luxi, I think you were looking at chicks in front of the stage after the show and trying to pretend them that you’re actually sort of reincarnate of Peter Steele, HA-HA!). So sad… and yet so pathetic, I know – and yes we’re old… But we had one hell of a time nevertheless (“Oh yes, we did – not to mention how much me and MY girls did! Chicks always mean so much fun to me…” ;oP -Luxi). 

Intro: Magical Mystery Tour
We Hate Everyone
Profits of Doom
These Three Things
Medley: Xero Tolerance – Hey Peter
Love You to Death
Christian Woman
Der Untermensch (Intro)
Black No.1