Vader, Belphegor, Requiem – The Purple Turtle, Camden, London

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Vader / Belphegor / Requiem

The Purple Turtle, Camden, London, UK
19th June 2007

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This week has been slightly mad for < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />London metalheads, and especially mad for me. Us in London have been treated to Megadeth at the Astoria (see review) and the London Deathfest – featuring Gorerotted, Abaddon Incarnate, Crepitation and other death and grind bands – in the Underworld on Saturday, Dublin Death Patrol (see review) on Monday, Ozzy Osbourne in Wembley and Vader in The Purple Turtle on Tuesday, Type O Negative and Paradise Lost in the Astoria on Thursday, Iron Maiden in Brixton this Sunday (look out for my review of that – minus pictures), and Dew-Scented and Misery Index next Monday. In between all that I watched a mate’s band (Matron) on Sunday and would have watched them again today (Wednesday) in Reading had it not been cancelled. Every gig I went to after Megadeth on Saturday I swore not to headbang or do anything too strenuous, I’d just watch it from the back and chill. And every gig I went to post-Megadeth has blown my face off (Matron included) and incited me to get physically involved. Four gigs in four days later, the abuse my neck has taken feels worth it. The latest damage comes courtesy of a great lineup at Camden’s Purple Turtle Bar – Vader, Belphegor and Requiem.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />







The death metal band from Switzerland had the tough task of opening for two great bands, and one has to admire their spirit and gung-ho attitude. The four-piece took to the stage with great enthusiasm and energy. Bassist Ralf Winzer especially, trying to incite the crowd to form mosh pits and circle pits, was indefatigable in trying to whip up the crowd. They play a simple, very brutal form of death metal, with tremolo speed picking and fiery drumming, and low growled vocals. Most notably, there was a lack of solos, perhaps because the other guitarist wasn’t present, but the music itself aimed to be more brutal rather than technical, and to that extent it worked extremely well. You could see the crowd progressively getting more and more involved, graduating from slight nodding to full out headbanging and windmilling. This has to be down to the “fuck yeah” appeal of their music and also to the efforts of Ralf and frontman Michi. They also have a political edge to their lyrics which is always interesting. Very good opener and their attitude was certainly very appreciated.








To be very very honest, I have not listened to Belphegor before, even though I have a couple of their mp3s. After last night, I intend to check them out and maybe purchase their discography. They play a pretty good mix of death and black metal (slightly more of black to be honest), but the drumming is godly. I’ve always maintained that besides a screaming guitar solo or an emotional singalong, a death metal drummer double kicking is one of the best things to listen to in heavy metal. The double kicking itself last night was quite superb but the variety on the drum rolls and fills, as well as the prerequisite blast beating was also frankly quite astounding. The vocals mix both black and death styles, with the full repertoire of screams, shrieks and growls. I can’t really say much more at this time, again, I intend to get up to speed with this very good band. Those who were there last night who were familiar with the band were happy, those who weren’t familiar were impressed. Not a bad word to be said against them.







1. Crux Voluptatis Bestia

2. The Goatchrist

3. Chants for the Devil 1533

4. Diaboli Virtus in Lumbar Est

5. Belphegor – Hell’s Ambassador

6. Seyn Todt in Schwartz

7. Bluhtsturm Erotika

8. Swarm of Rats

9. Pest & Terror

10. Lucifer Incestus






I saw the Polish giants last September at the Underworld, with Severe Torture and God Dethroned opening, and that was quite an incredible show. This year, a smaller venue meant less chance of escape from their extreme brand of death metal tearing your head off.




Most of the time spent in the changeover from Belphegor’s set was in setting up the monster drum kit that Daray would be playing behind. The tiny stage was almost entirely taken up by the drum kit, with Piotr later joking wryly that we in the crowd should be thankful we had more space than them on stage. Once the guitarists’ two effects racks were set up, there was literally only enough space for the non-sitting members of the band to stand. Also, they were having some sound problems with drums being tested extensively and the two guitarists’ and bassist’s settings tweaked over and over again. It could also be that they were just very fussy about their monitor levels and sound. Anyway, it was quite a delay between Belphegor and Vader, but we weren’t going anywhere for the time being.



When the band was finally happy with their sound, they launched into a riproaring rendition of “ShadowFear” off last year’s album IMPRESSIONS IN BLOOD. This progressed quickly into “Sothis” from their classic DE PROFUNDIS. There was very little speaking between songs, a pause for breath and a sip of water, and to let the crowd catch their own breath as well, and then off into another 4 minutes of thrashing madness. However, the tempo never lagged nor even felt like lagging. To be very honest, Vader songs don’t really stand out to me – it’s more the sheer overwhelming experience of the drums pounding and crushing your head and gut, the squealing harmonics pricking your ears and just all round pace and heaviness of the band. However there were a couple of crowd favourites and raise-your-fist-and-shout moments, such as the extremely popular “Hellelujah!!! (God is Dead)” which I have to admit is pretty catchy.



All in all, it was just a headbang/mosh fest, with almost everyone in front getting lost in the hypnotic quality of the music. I know I was. I also noticed that Vader finished well past the curfew hour, playing a good half hour after 11. Very admirable of them to finish the set. I’d definitely go for Vader gigs again and again just to rock out and have a good time.




1. Shadowfear

2. Sothis

3. Hellelujah!!! (God is Dead)

4. Warlords

5. Silent Empire

6. Blood of Kingu

7. Black to the Blind

8. What Colour is Your Blood?

9. Epitaph

10. Carnal

11. The Book

12. This is War

13. Lead Us!

14. Predator

15. Wings





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