Suicidal Tendencies : The 13th June Helsinki Finland

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The 13th of June 2007
Tavastia Helsinki

Article and pics by Arto Lehtinen

Suicidal Tendencies has once again reactivated after a long silent period. The latest full length output titled FREE YOUR SOUL…AND SAVE MY MIND from this legendary band led by Mike Muir saw the light of day back in 2000. Occasionally the band has toured and then suddenly vanished leaving no traces behind.

Therefore the announcement of the gig booked to the Tavastia club definitely came out of blue to most of people as the band hasn’t been seen up here in Finland for ages. Frankly most of people had seen Suicidal Tendencies in 1993 when opening up for Metallica in a huge outdoor stadium gig. But ST’s first visit to Finland is definitely remembered best amongst the older metal generation as ST arranged one hell of a memoberable gig with Anthrax in a huge outdoor metal festival back in 1989.  That gig was truly insane. The show got delayed as the bassist at that time Rob Trujillo got a bottle smashed on his head and some poor and obviously nonguilty guy got beaten up by Muir because of that. The gig was brutal, brutal pits, stage divings etc…


Well back to the present moment when the legendary five piece from West Coast California arrived at Finland after a huge break. The Tavastia club was entirely packed by all kinds of freaks, metal heads, punks, hard core people who were about to arrange a real ballistic chaotic and violent moshpits. The traditional ST dresscode was quite obviously in sight as people had dug up old head scarfs and ST caps. Before Suicidal unleashed their 90 minute of pure aggression, the atmosphere in the Tavastia was like a volcano before a massive blast as people were anxiously waiting and shouting ST.

The band kicked the night off with “You Can’t Bring Me Down” followed by a bunch of other songs picked up from several albums. The whole crowd went totally apeshit. The brutal insane pit was burning the floor up with the tremendous furious and aggression thru the whole show. That kind of wild raging chaos hasn’t been seen at Tavastia since the last Machine Head show.  


The band, well actually Mike Muir was in the extreme tight condition and still is a real relentless and possessed wildman running on the stage like some sort of maniac. The insane non-stop running and Mike’s maniacal raging and headbanging proved the man hasn’t lost any inch of his incredible drive in the performance on the stage that was known and seen in the 80’s.  
Although the whole show was like a punch direct to the face, Muir turned out to be a real comedian, communicating with the audience and making them laugh. The extreme talented young looking bassist Steve Brunner got a chance to show his dancing skills. The temporary drummer gave a basic lesson on how to do a break dance on the stage at Tavastia.
The guitarist Dean Pleasants instead appeared to be rather uninterested in the whole gig as the man was leaning against monitors when other guys were joking with the audience.  Rocky George definitely needs to make a return to the ST rank.  


As for the set, it was mostly based on the older material from the 80’s. Of course some newer stuff such as “Cyco Vision” from FREEDUMB belonged to the set. The classic ones such as “Possessed To Skate”, I Saw Your Mommy” and “I Shot The Devil” concluding the gig got a real wild reception in the audience.

Even though the pits and circle pits were going insane and looked damn wild all the time, Muir asked the crowd to get on the stage during “Pledge Your Allegiance”. The security guys were heavily overworked when dozens of people got the stage and some kids were pushed back as the stage was getting entirely overcrowded. It was pretty hilarious to see when some kid tried to dive back to the audience, but jumped direct toward the security fence ahead first. There are a few real cool looking dives though.


The gig was definitely a kick ass, no single peaceful moment from the audience’s side, nor from the band. Above all Mike Muir was the most energetic frontman seen for a while. Hopefully Suicidal Tendencies will be seen on the soil of Finland soon again. 

1. You Can’t Bring Me Down
2. Trip At The Brain
3. War Inside My Head
4. Subliminal
5. Send Me Your Money
6. We Are A Family
7. Won’t Fall In Love Today
8. Lovely
9. Possessed To Skate
10. Cyco Vision
11. I Saw Your Mommy
12. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
13. Pledge Your Allegiance 
14. Ain’t Gonna Take It
15. I Shot The Devil

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