Venom The 7 Scandinavien dates of Hell Tour 2007 at KB in Malmö Sweden

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The 7 Scandinavian dates of Hell Tour 2007
Malmoe, Sweden
31/5 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall

The legendary black metal act Venom is out supporting their album METAL BLACK. The last time they played in Sweden was last year at the Sweden Rock Festival and this evening the band stood for the first time, of my recollection, on a stage close to me. In the current lineup the only remaining original member id the singer/ bass player Conrad “Cronos” Lant. The other members of the trio are Antton on drums and Rage on guitar. The Scandinavian tour started out in Copenhagen, Denmark and the day before this show had the band paid Gothenburg a visit. The show ended in Malmo and after that were no more shows scheduled.

The Swedish act Nifelheim was support act and opened for a small crowd. And a small crowd was also something that had welcomed Venom in Gothenburg the previous night. For some reason it doesn’t seem like Venom are so big here in Scandinavia.

Just before Venom was about to head on stage, the tour manager decided that he wanted a fence in front of the stage…the audience was standing too close to the band he thought. It took the security about 30 minutes to put up the fence and after that very annoying delay the show could start. One can think that the tour manager could have done something about that before the show had started instead of letting the crowd wait for another half an hour.


Cronos and band went on to stage while the intro was played, the show kicked off with the amazing black metal classic that named an entire genre “Black Metal”. The band bathed in red light which looked cool but is impossible to get great shots in. the crowd was in anticipation and were ecstatic already in the first song.

The main show evolves of course around the bands earlier classical albums and now many tracks are taken from their more current ones. Four songs are taken from the new album METAL BLACK and when those were played weren’t there as much cheers and clapping as when the older ones came.

Cronos and Rage stood on each side of the stage with Antton in the middle a little behind them and in front of a huge backdrop with the logo and the cover of METAL BLACK.

Rage wasn’t the best guitarplayer around and he mostly just stood solid on his place of the stage and Antton’s drumplay left more to wish for. The only member that actually could play was Cronos.

Cronos had a few things to say to the small crowd, he said that the fans, called “The Legions”, in Scandinavia have always been very loyal and true to the band and that we were amazing and that it’s a wonderful thing to have such a great fanbase. He also said a lot of “fucking good” and “you crazy motherfuckers”, he thought that the Malmoe crowd probably were the best audiences on the entire tour.

There were sing-a-longs in “Antichrist”, “Die Hard” and “In League With Satan”. The band member’s moods were on top and everyone had a really good time up on stage, and that along with a perfect setlist made it all to an almost perfect show. Ordinary playtime ended with “Metal Black” but the crowd wanted more so the band returned and played the two encores “In League With Satan” and “Witching Hour” before they went off stage after 80 minutes.

It was a pretty good show even though I have seen better ones, my expectations was maybe a little too high with thoughts that this was my first live show with one of my childhood all time heroes.


Unfortunately, the evening did have a really bad ending. I saw people that had been waiting outside the venue during the day prior the show in order to get their albums and stuff signed by Cronos. But to my surprise he simply ran straight into the bus and didn’t sign anything, so much for 12 hours of waiting. If he thinks that Venom has such a great fanbase then why treat them so bad? I for sure now question my place in the Venom ship….such a tragic ending to such a great evening.


Black Metal
7 Gates Of Hell
Blood Lust
Welcome To Hell
House Of Pain
Countess Bathory
At War With Satan
1000 Days In Sodom
Burn In Hell
Die Hard
Metal Black


In League With Satan
Witching Hour


Thanks to Joakim Stabel at Sound Pollution Sweden
for help with press/photo pass

Thanks to the tour manager for allowing me
to stand in the photo pit!

Again, thanks to the very friendly security staff at KB


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