Rob Doherty: Former Into Eternity guitarist

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Rob Doherty

Former Into Eternity Guitarist

By: Meg Hughes


* All photos courtesy of Caroline Traitler and Alina Michelle

Where Are They Now? : Rob Doherty, Former Into Eternity guitarist

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On April 30th, 2006, any metalhead who happened to browse Into Eternity’s forum discovered this message from guitarist/death vocalist Rob Doherty:


“I had moved from Regina after our last tour ’cause I needed to work. I had three songs written for the next disc and a bunch of riffs Tim and I worked out. I had been waiting for these shows and for some sort of solid confirmation. This never happened. I flew home and gave the band the gear from my house and all seemed fine. The next thing I know the band has a replacement for me…

I have given all to this band for two years with the promise of becoming a full-time member business wise. I guess what I’m sayin’ is if I am to be a hired gun then I need to be paid. I cannot pay my bills on the hopes that everything will just work out. I cannot rely on ‘IF we sell merch’ as a form of payment…

I did this for two years and proved that I am into it. I play my ass off every night as hard as I can and love it!!! But the fact is we are on the road a lot and if we are gonna be out that much, there needs to be a business plan to look after shit back home.”

And nothing more was said from either party. Into Eternity fans that attended either of their two off-shows with Gamma Ray last May would notice a mystery guitarist in Rob’s place. No formal announcement of his departure was ever made despite the fact that Rob joined Into Eternity during the recording of 2004’s BURIED IN OBLIVION and was one of the most stable members in a band cursed with a revolving-door lineup. (The band has lost vocalists Dean Sternberg and Chris Krall, drummers Adam Sagan and Jim Austin, guitarist Collin Craig, and bassist Scott Krall within the past few years alone.)

I had a great time with Into Eternity and wish them all the best. We shared some great moments together and I’ll never forget that. It was just time to focus on myself,” says Doherty. But don’t fret, Warlock fanatics—Rob’s not hanging up that beauty anytime soon. Since his band departure and his move to Calgary, Rob has continued to be active musically on top of working as a cable repairman.

I have been writing songs constantly since 2003. I hooked up with an old friend who had started his own record label, Natas Records, out of New York. We talked and he was really interested in hearing what I had for songs,” says Doherty. “He introduced me to Clark Brown [GZR] and I sent him a song. He recorded vocals and sent it back; I was really blown away ‘cause he sings like I hear it in my head. My style was to always do death vocals but Clark does it all! He has a killer hardcore voice and he can sing melodies as well.”

For his upcoming project, Final Darkness, Doherty has also recruited fellow ex-Into Eternity member Adam Sagan on drums—just don’t expect the band to sound like a clone. “Each song has its own identity. I am not trying to write the most diverse prog based disc; it is very traditional in a lot of ways,” says Doherty. “We are not trying to re-write heavy metal here as much as make a good disc that people can relate to. There is some 12-string acoustic stuff, some speed metal, some thrash-based songs—everything that I grew up on.”

Doherty anticipates hitting the studio around July with Final Darkness and expects a late 2007 release. “Our artwork is in the works and our website is being done as we speak, so things are rolling. We will be touring, we will be bringin’ it live. We plan on working very hard to make this succeed and we are excited for everyone to hear this project.”