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Joey Allen



Joey Allen was the lead guitarist for Warrant on their first 3 records but left after the tour for their Dog Eat Dog album in ’94. He had become tired of it all plus the band was dropped from the label in favor of the “Grunge” fad that was taking place. They went from playing Arenas to Clubs; the early 90’s was NOT a good time for Rock n’ Roll commercially.

It was the mid 90’s when he gave it all up and there was even a point at the end of the decade that he never touched the guitar for about 2 years! Anyhow the ‘fun’ is back and he is recording and jamming again and there is a couple of mp3’s on his site ( for fans to hear what he is doing as well as some clips of what he has done since leaving Warrant. The new tunes sound great and hopefully they’ll see the light of day on a CD release. I recently had the privilege of asking him a couple of questions and here is what he had to say.



Do you still have any contact with the guys in Warrant?

I keep in touch with Erik, Jerry and Steven. We are all still friends. I do not keep in touch with Jani.


Joey and Jani


Would a ‘Reunion’ of the Classic 5 guys be a future possibility?

Never say never. At this point Steven and I have had so much time away from the Warrant camp that we have grown in different ways from the other guys. We are both adults that have different priorities…like playing an active daily roll in the development of our children. I don’t think that touring would allow us to continue that in the manner that we both have become accustomed to.

Music is supposed to be fun, not a forced thing. Music is also a young guy’s game…aside from the Stones I do not see many older rockers making a great living reliving the past. If artists are in touch with their place in music and thrive off of that I see no problem but for a business I don’t know if it would work for me. You cannot reinvent your past. I don’t need to be in Warrant to make a great living anymore. The only reason behind any reunion to me would be serious fun and financial gain. It would have to be a tremendous amount of financial gain to offset what I would be giving up. I don’t see it being a possibility anytime soon but I have never totally ruled it out.


Warrant 1992


I remember reading something from an early guitar magazine about the lead guitars in Warrant (early albums) being played by you guys but it was under the direction of someone who knew more theory or something? Is that true, or how was it…and who was it?

I took lessons from two guys Mike Slammer and Tommy Girvin. Both guys taught me a tremendous amount about phrasing and playing inside the song.



In your opinion is glam and image or a sound?

Glam is an image. It has to do with attitude. To me it never crosses over into the music or sound part of the equation. I have never heard someone call music ‘glam music’…I have heard ‘pop music’ or ‘heavy metal’ but never ‘glam music’…maybe I’m sheltered.



Did you ever love the music you played in Warrant or was it only the money the motivated you?

I enjoyed the heavier tunes that Jani wrote. I was never much of a ballad guy. I grew up listening to Maiden, Priest, Van Halen (with Roth)…shit like that. Warrant was a shitload of fun until egos and bad management took place…at that point I quit.




“One worders”: when we mention the following names/bands/events what comes to mind?

Out of all the blond haired singers I ever met, heard sing, toured with, or partied with Bret M. was hands down the most unoriginal and least talented one, PERIOD! C.C., Bobby and Rikki are fine in my book.

Death metal:
Too heavy for my taste. I never got into it.

Motley Crue:
Great live band in their day!

Pamela Anderson:
Don’t know her. Was told once that she wouldn’t date a certain guy I knew because he didn’t make enough money…that is kind of shallow if it is true…don’t you think?

Star Trek:
Don’t understand the ‘Trekie’ thing!

One Satan, one God…why so many religions?

They are what they are.

Causes too much harm to people.

Same as above.

Reunion tours:
When it is over…it is over. CRP for many bank accounts. If done right could be fun.

From ’88 – ’94 a bunch of fun.

90’s metal:
Alice in Chains.

Metal today:
Papa Roach.



Anything you’d like to say to the readers of Metal-Rules?

Metal-Rules goes to 11…crank it up!!!