Heaven and Hell live at KB-hallen in Copenhagen Denmark 2007

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Heaven and Hell

European Tour
6/6 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





Finally it was time for the super group Heaven and Hell to conquer Denmark and Copenhagen. I had waited a really long time to see Dio with these guys again and finally my had wish come true.

When I arrived at the venue during the day I discovered that the support act Violent Storm had cancelled their performance which was something that didn’t bother me the slightest, the only thing that could get me down was if Heaven and Hell should cancel.

The doors opened 30 minutes before schedule but to my surprise the line to the venue was really short, almost non-existing. I asked the security how many people that had bought tickets and he said that 2000 people were in KB-Hallen, the venue has a capacity for 3000 so it wasn’t nearly sold out. But that could be explained by that the Sweden Rock Festival took place a few days later and that Megadeth also paid Copenhagen a visit the previous evening. And the most important thing, the tickets was very expensive.

I could really feel the tension as I walked through the doors and just as planned stood the band came on stage at the proper time.  Heaven and Hell are:

Tony Iommi – guitar
Ronnie James Dio – lead vocals
Vinny Appice – drums
Geezer Butler – bass

The crowd went mad when the band opened with the song “E5150” and I was ready to surrender to the solid piece of rock history that I was about to witness. The show continued on with “Mob Rules” and the gigantic scene has been transformed to a grave yard with fences on each side of Appice’s drum set. Behind Appice was a huge back drop where shorter film sequences were shown.


Heaven and Hell had the crowd in a steady grip right from the start and it’s an experience to see Iommi on stage standing so close to me. He mostly stood on his side and delivered led-heavy guitar riffs and on the other side stood Butler throwing out heavy pulsating bass tunes.

The only moving around was, no surprise, the little man with the huge voice Ronnie James Dio. The guys looked actually quite happy on stage and Dio had a lot to say as usual.

Next track up was “Children Of The Sea” and the marathon track “The Sign Of The Southern Cross” and in the middle of the show deliver Appice a solid and skilled drum solo. He sure is a great drummer but drums solos feels a little yesterday and old and not to mention boring. But a few solos is probably what Dio needs in order to rest his voice, even though he’s one of the worlds greatest singers of all time he’s not getting younger.

The main show ended with “Die Young” and a long version of “Heaven and Hell” that included both sing a long and a longer guitar part by Iommi. But the crowd wanted more and the band came back on to stage and performed “Neon Knights” and that song definitely ended the evening.

After the show I looked at a set list from Canada and I saw that the band had deleted 6 songs that weren’t played this evening and that they only did one new song from the new compilation with Black Sabbath and Dio.

I did think the show was too short, at least now that they didn’t have a support act but despite that you can’t deny was that his evening sure was magic. This was probably a once in a lifetime experience and I’m glad that I took part in it.

The day after did the band did a gig at Sweden Rock Festival and later on stood Finland on the to-do list before the guys headed down through Europe.

According to the latest report Heaven and Hell are gonna tour until December this year so if you’re in a town where they are gonna perform, check them out. It was a magical evening and an experience to see these living legends in action.


Mob Rules
Children Of The Sea
The Sign of The Southern Cross
Drum solo
Computer God
Talking Of The Edge Of The World
Shadow Of the Wind
Die Young
Heaven and Hell


Neon Knights


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