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Bobby Gustafson


Bobby Gustafson (ex-Overkill) – Case Closed (see below under updates)

Years of Decay era photoBobby Gustafson is a name many may not remember – unless you’ve been into metal for more than a couple of years, and unless you are a fan of Overkill.

Gustafson was the original guitarist for Overkill. He was with the band from its inception until after the CD “The Years of Decay.” In 1991 he left the band to pursue other interests and projects. For a while Bobby was working with Dave Lombardo and it seemed as if he was going to be in Grip Inc (first called I4NI?). However, things between the two didn’t click musically. 

In 1994 he co-produced a CD by a promising band from New York called “Insult II Injury.” Next came his one off recording fling with the industrial / metal band Skrew. He can be heard on their 1996 release “Shadow of Doubt.” Why he left that band I can’t remember…and as for what he’s doing now four years later is unknown to me.


Ex-Overkill Axeman Bobby Gustafson Returns To Metal With New Band RESPONSE NEGATIVE (May 2003 interview)

Older Updates:

This e-mail came in and we are posting it here just so you’ll know some more information on this. We are not claiming this is 100% accurate – but if the source is who he claims to be, then it is.

E-mail Tip, March 7th, 2000
“Ok, first off Bobby G WAS NOT with overkill from the beginning. I was the guitarist in overkill when they first started writing originals. The song “Raise the Dead” from their first album was actually MY music using Blitz’s lyrics. (What else they used of mine who knows?). Dan Spitz, from Anthrax, was in before me, THEN me, THEN Bobby G replaced me. Bobby G is in Florida last I heard working construction and is still jamming. I ran into Bobby G. 2 years ago and he told me that. Damn, if you can’t find Bobby G, then I can see why you don’t know me! Overkill likes to bury their former members (especially the ones they screw). I do know where Rat Skates is also (still talk to him), he is doing good. Anyway, this is the deal!”

Update, February 2002.

Seems like the above e-mail was not who he claimed to be. 

“Ok, I don’t know where to start with this one, so here goes. That little piece on Overkill’s bobby Gustafson has me worried, it appears to have been written by me, seeing that I was with overkill before bobby, and the story is pretty much accurate, but I NEVER sent this in to this web site. the only thing I can think of is either somebody is pretending to be me, or even worse, somebody was being an asshole playing around with my computer during one of the MANY parties that used to go on here. Actually, it would be very cool if you eliminated that whole bullshit story off of your site, because I don’t feel like like getting blamed for that one. I had a friend email me this link asking if I sent this, because it REALLY looks like it could have come from me, which is why it has to be somebody I know, because only those who know me knew I ran into bobby in South Dakota at the Sturgis rally. I really don’t feel like taking heat for this from the overkill guys IF I run into them, and I usually do here and there. Whoever sent you that is an idiot, and I can’t believe you even put that junk on the web, especially worded the way it was with song stealing references, and them burying former members. Jesus, do me a favor and kill that stupid piece on bobby. Better yet, print a retraction. Thanks guys/gals whoever.”

Well there you have it…we said above that we were not saying the update was accurate. We said it was from someone who CLAIMED it was true. Looks like it is not. Too bad the real story is still hidden and no one is any closer on finding out just what Bobby Gustafson is up to!