Mats – Lead Singer of Maryslim

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Mats – Lead Singer of Maryslim

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Live pictures and pics on Mats by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Wild Kingdom for promo pics of the band

The Swedish rock n rollers in Maryslim have recently released their brilliant third album entitled A PERFECT MESS. The band have been on tour with 69 Eyes through Europe and when the tour landed in Sweden and Malmo I hooked up with lead singer Mats. Unfortunately we didn’t have so much time in our hands but we talked about the new album, the tour and lots more, so here’s a treat for every fan of raw and groovy rock n roll.


Hi Mats, is everything Ok with you? Are you ready to kick off the interview?

Absolutely, no problem


New album

Let’s begin to talk about your new album A PERFECT MESS, how long did it take to write the album?

Well, it took us about 1 year give and take before we entered the studio, we didn’t want to rush anything.


Who does what in the band?

Previously it’s been me and Kent who’s written the music and the lyrics have me and Urrke done. However on this album I’m responsible for both music and lyrics. When I had written a new piece I presented it to the guys and they had the final saying, Maryslim is a democracy and everyone has the opportunity to put the final touch on the arrangement.

What are the lyrics about this time?

It’s mostly a reflection of my own experiences or other people’s experiences. People are free to interpret my lyrics as they want.


You have once again chosen to work with producer Peter Tägtgren and record in his Abyss Studio, what makes him so special and why did you work with him again?

It was Patrik’s (drums) idea to do something different and Peter loves melodies even though he’s mostly into metal and his own project Pain. We send him a demo when we were about to record our previous album and he liked what he heard. He’s extremely talented and it’s really fun to work with him.

When were the album recorded and the mixing and mastering done?

We entered the studio in May 2006 and recorded for about 1,5 week. And it took the rest of the summer to do the mastering and mixing.

mats_maryslim_cover_6 mats_maryslim_cover_5 mats_maryslim_cover_4 mats_maryslim_cover_3

What’s it like to work with Tägtgren with though of he’s used to produced and work with harder acts than Maryslim?

It’s fun to work with a person that has a little different approach to our music, he contributes with his point of views and he gets the sound that we want.

It has taken you a pretty long time to release this album, your previous album came 2004 and the debut 2002, why so long time in between albums?

Well, maybe we are a little lazy, or I don’t know. I rather release an album that’s really good than a faster album that sounds like crap. But we promise to work faster in the future ha,ha.

You have done a brilliant cover of the Sister Of Mercy song “This Corrosion” together with Jyrki69 from 69 Eyes and you have featured covers on your previous albums as well. Do you always interpret some of your favorite bands?

Well, the intent was to make a bonus song with Jyrki69 and that it wasn’t gonna be featured on the album but all in the band loves Sisters of Mercy as well as Jyrki69 and the cover ended up sounding so great that it was too good to hide away, that’s why it was placed on the album and we have also made a video to it.


Do you have any favorite song that you would like to make a cover of?

Hmm, not anyone in particular that comes to mind right now.

How come that Jyrki69 ended up on the album? And do you know 69 Eyes well?

Urrke met him at show we did and we have met up with them when they have been in Stockholm and we in Finland.


What do you think of the cover artwork of A PERFECT MESS, who’s done it?

I’m really happy with it. It’s made by Charlie Granberg and the idea came from a friend of ours who thought the cover should look like a book cover without any shot of the band etc. At the outcome turned out exactly as I had thought.


Where in the world have the album been released so far? And is it gonna be released worldwide?

I hope so but so far is the album released in Europe only.

What have you been up to in between the last album SPLIT VISION and this new one? Have you toured a lot?

We have tried to tour as much as possible but we have done other stuff to.

When do you think the next Maryslim album is out in the stores?

Hmm, maybe in about 1,5 years to be realistic but that depends how the songwriting process turns out.

The Tour

Let’s skip to the current tour that you know are about to finish. You have been support to 69 Eyes through Europe, how’s that been?

It’s been great, we were also support to Wednesday 13, but the respond have been overwhelming each night.

Are 69 Eyes fun to tour with?

Oh yeah, we’re like a big happy family ha,ha

Do you have any favorite show that went extremely well or was more fun to do during the tour?

I remember Dresden in Germany, the crowd was mad and we did a great show. But the gig we did in Stockholm a few days ago was fun too.

And then I have to ask if you have had any show that went really awful?

We haven’t had any show that went so bad, but I think we are a pretty tight band that can do the best of any situation.


Which country has been the most fun to tour in?

I think every country has it charm, we been to The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland and Sweden and ever single country has been great.

Have you played in any major arena during the tour?

Well, we have played in venues that take from 800 to 2000 people.

This tour ends tonight, are you happy with the tour?

Yeah, I can’t be anything but happy, it all have been great for the major part.

Mixed questions

Are you gonna do more live shows after the tour? I’ve only seen three shows listed so far?

Hopefully are we going to do festival shows this summer but the next tour will probably be launched later in the fall. We would really like to go over to America and play in the near future.

Where does the name Maryslim comes from and does it mean anything in particular?

It was Urrke that named the band, the name have stayed for him for years, in fact even since he was a child and though it would be a nice band name. And when we started the band and decided to name the band Maryslim it was a child hood dream that came true ha,ha.


Do you think the band have gone through any musical developments throughout the years?

I think we have matured and gotten better on our instruments but you always strive to be better and better and to write better songs. So you never be fully taught. But we have gotten better on writing songs and music I think so in that way I guess we have developed.

Are you happy with the job your label Wild Kingdom have put into the promotion etc of the new album?

Absolutely, they have done the best work they can. We’re really happy that we can do a little what we want and that we aren’t so controlled as you would be if you’re signed to a major label.



Do you have any idea in which country you have the biggest fanbase?

No I have no idea, but everything worked really well in Germany so hopefully we gained a lot of new fans there. But it went really well in Italy and Finland as well so it’s hard to say.

Have you always been support act when you been out on tour or have you done any touring as a headline act?

No, we have toured alone in Italy, Germany, Sweden and Norway but you don’t turn down an offer to tour with 69 Eyes.

Do you have any numbers on how many copies you have sold of your cd’s so far?

No, I don’t have any idea to be honest.

How would you like to describe what kind of music Maryslim plays?

I think it’s real hard to describe our music but I guess its harder rock rather than hardrock. Let’s say hard rock with 70’s feeling and The Cult vibes.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans?

Go for your dream and believe in yourself. Take one step forward and not two steps back and then you’ll se everything will be OK.


Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future

Thank you Anders.



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