Maryslim live at KB in Malmö Sweden 2007

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Support to 69 Eyes
5/5 – 2007

Reviewed and pictures by: Anders Sandvall






Swedish garage act Maryslim have been out on tour supporting Finnish goth act 69 Eyes though Europe and the show in Malmoe was the last stop of the part on the tour.

First time I saw Maryslim live was last year when they were opening for another Finnish act Hanoi Rocks but the Maryslim show didn’t felt so solid that time.



The club was half full with people and a lot of the fans were pretty young because of the no age limit.

For once did the show start as scheduled with no delay and Maryslim kicked off the show with the title song from their brand new and brilliant album PERFECT MESS. The bar was set real high already from the beginning and the show continued to keep the same high class though the evening.

The band is as same as always with

Mats MF Olsson – lead vocals, guitar
Kent Axén – guitar, b-vox
Urrke T – bass, b-vox
Patrik Jansson – drums, b-vox

On stage feels the band and the music more energetic, sweaty and dirty compared to on album even if the album has it shares of all that too. The influences of glam and punk that the band does have are more obvious in a live situation and Maryslim is a great live act that sure had grown since I saw them last time. 

The headline act had a lot of equipment on stage but Maryslim did the best of the situation even though they didn’t run around like maniacs. Olsson didn’t talk much in between the songs instead he let the music do the talking for him and even though this was their final stop and last gig I couldn’t notice any signs of tiredness in the guys. It felt more like they did their absolute best to give the fans and the crowd a great moment of stunning music.
The guys played 9 songs, 5 was taken from the new album and luckily was there a pretty big crowd supporting Maryslim, otherwise does the crowd normally come to see the headline act and not the support act.

Olsson introduced the track “Red Room Lover” with saying that now comes something for the older fans of the band. After that took Urrke the mic and said that on the next they would get a special appearance from Jyrki69 on lead vocals. The song was of course “This Corrosion” and the crowd went crazy. The Sisters of Mercy song sounds even better live than on album, at least when Maryslim and Jyrki69 performs it.

“This Corrosion” was definitely the highlight of the show that ended with a track taken from the debut called “Everything You Wanna Be” and with that song was the show over.

Maryslim felt a lot more confident and stronger now compared with how they sounded with Hanoi Rocks, they sure must had a bad day back then. This show felt a lot more solid than before and the guys are talented musicians and great front men.

If you’re into bands like The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies don’t dare to miss Maryslim, I sure look forward to another meeting with this excellent Stockholm act.

Set list
Perfect Mess
A Part Of Me
All I Want
In Too Deep
My Time
Red Room Lover
This Corrosion
Everything You Wanna Be 


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Thanks to Sound Pollution for help with press/photo pass

Thanks to tour manager Pia for the nice treatment and help at the show

And as always a big thanks to the very professional security staff at Kulturbolaget