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Bobby Dall


How’s the tour shaping up?

The tour’s shaping up fantastic. We got about 60 dates coming together, we start June 13th in Greenville, SC and plow right through the country.

I got the dates last night and was wondering how come there are no shows up here in Canada?

Where in Canada are you from?


How far from Toronto is that?

I’m on the east coast of the country.

OK. Hopefully around the Buffalo date.

Are there any changes to the set list and stage setup this year?

Absolutely. Absolutely. I think the plan in general is to stop doing some of the older covers we’ve been doing over the years. It’s always a hard call because they’re some of our hit songs, I think we’re gonna pull “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and “Rock n Roll All Night” by Kiss out of the show this year and “We’re An American Band” which we did last year and replace those with 3 or 4 new songs off the new record. Which ones yet i’m not sure.

Will you be including any of the originals from the HOLLYWEIRD album?

Probably not. No.

It was great to see you bring out the old neon green bass in Toronto last year.

Yes, thank you. I have a new one being ordered as we speak.

Last summer after the incident between you and Bret there were many fans thought it was the end of the band. Was there allot of tension and hard work to get it ironed out to carry on as a band?

Ya know, that’s why I’ve ordered a new fluorescent green neon warlock bass. It’s to keep the peace. (Laughs) Me and Bret are brothers, there is no doubt about it we are passionate about what we do and we fight. Bret’s a very integral and large part of the band and its no secret that me and him go at it occasionally. Unfortunately it had to erupt on stage and that’s just what happened that night. We are partners and we probably be partners for the rest of our life. We don’t always get along, we don’t always agree but we’re brothers and i could never have done this without him and show him that respect as well. Sometimes you just never know what is going to happen at a Poison concert. Sort of like a Nascar race, don’t exactly know until you come to the show. (Laughs) Watch the cars go round and round.

I thought it may have been the end.

Ya never know my friend. If I was a Poison fan I would never skip a year because ya just never know. Believe me, I never know from day to day whether this band will still exist and that’s straight from the heart. That is the truth.

After the tour is over are you in constant contact with the band regularly and do you play bass at all?

This year I’ve been very actively involved in working on producing the Poison record. Don Was produced the bulk of the new record and all due respect to Don, he produced the record but the requirements to make a record like that are great. I’ve been nonstop working since January 10th I made a decision to do this record. This is what I do. I live, eat and breathe Poison. I have been POISON’D.

Have you ever considered doing your own solo record?

Never, ever.

Would you ever consider one down the road?

No, absolutely not.

Do you listen to any of the newer metal bands out there today or do you listen to the older artists?

I like all bands from all genre’s from many categories. I think The Killers have something to offer the world. I also think Britney Spears does. I think all music is great and I’m supporting all music. I don’t put myself in any one category. I’m a fan of great songs. I don’t care if it’s The Rolling Stones, Kiss or Tom Petty and I don’t care if it’s Green Day, The Killers or Fall Out Boy. A great song is a great song is a great song.

Exactly. There is good music and there is bad music.

Good and Bad. There is a good song and there is a bad song. I like good songs. (Laughs)

Do you follow new music much?

Absolutely. I’m on top of every music trend of all time. Absolutely.

Is there any plans for a new Poison disc of original material after the summer tour?

That is my intention, yes.

Are you going to be filming this tour for a live DVD?

That is my intention as well, yes. After this record if we can film a live DVD and add maybe some new material to it we will. I would hope that the experience of this record will lead us back into making an all original record. That is my intent and purpose in life today.

I’m looking forward to that.

Keep looking forward, you may see one someday.

Do you feel POISON has always gotten the shitty end of the stick since its inception? Back in the 80’s allot labelled you as a glam band with more image than substance and now 20+ years later you are still here and now some are saying you are just a nostalgia act. How does that make you feel?

I am a glam band. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, nothing. I feel blessed that I’ve been given the life I’ve been given. I have no regrets about nothing. If anything my life has been a complete blessing. There are people in the world allot less fortunate than I. For me to sit around and lick my wounds…please with all due respect let’s keep our eye focused on the fight. My life has been blessed.

It always seemed allot of critics based opinions on image more so than music. Its 20 years later and you are still here.

Exactly. The writer who was critical of us is probably unemployed and drunk. I’ve got a job 25 years later and doing well, and it’s a damn good one. Everyone wants to be a rockstar baby and I am one.

What’s next on the agenda for Bobby Dall and Poison?

Next on the agenda for Poison will be an all original record, if we can get to that point. That is my intention. If it can be willed I will will it. Bobby Dall’s life is personal and private and will remain that way.

Anything written yet or ideas bounced around for new songs?

Not yet.

What is the writing process like for Poison?

It happens in many varios ways. Many many various ways. The end result is the only thing that matters. The first 3 records we made were some of the greatest. From that era they were some of the greates songs of that era. That may sound conceited which it is somewhat but hopefully this band will one day get back to that level of being in a partnership that allows that to happen. I hope that we would. That would be my intention, my purpose right now. I am trying to stay focused on what we are doing today. Today is POISON’D, That is what we just created. We have given you the best that we have to give you as a band. Weather its original material or this cover material that we just created for you. This is the best we have to offer today. This is probably the best recordings we’ve done since 1991.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans and readers of Metal-Rules?

I think you’ve covered it all Celtic Bob

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