Dying Fetus, Skinless, Cattle Decapitation, War From A Harlot’s Mouth – The Underworld, London

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Dying Fetus, Skinless & Cattle Decapitation
with War From a Harlot’s Mouth

The Underworld, Camden, London, England
21st May 2007
Review and Live pics by HannTu



The crowd at The Underworld, < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Camden did London proud again tonight, turning out for a great line-up on a Monday evening. There was a more varied mix of people that came to watch the show: besides the usual long haired metalheads, there were skinheads, punks, hardcore kids and some skater types as well. Not surprising, considering the hardcore elements in the three American bands on the line-up tonight. But first…< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


War From A Harlot’s Mouth



“Vee are Var from a Harlot’s Mouth from Charmany” was their introduction before launching into a blistering and somewhat eye-opening set. They certainly raised a few eyebrows when soundchecking, playing a few bluesy, even poppish licks while waiting for more of the crowd to trickle in. Also, more than a few of us were pretty sceptical, as they looked like a bunch of emos with the silly haircuts etc. However, as we soon found out, they play some technical death metal, with a very large hardcore influence, especially in the vocals. Their guitarist, Simon, has pudgier fingers than Michael Romeo, but boy can he shred his Gibson. What stood out for me was their little interludes: little mellow jazz licks that gave us time to breathe, before the clang of the snare signalled another neckbreaking mosh. They are certainly very unique, and pretty talented from what I saw. I already mentioned Simon, their guitarist, but their drummer Paule played some unusual and weird time signatures and fills. Unfortunate for me, and possibly made a fool out of myself trying to headbang in time. Very cool opening band, and something different as well.



Cattle Decapitation


The four piece vegetarian band from San Diego took to the stage amid shouts of “Beef!” (meant as a pisstake of course). This was a killer set, they really play riff-heavy death metal mixed with lots of grind and a bit of hardcore and thrash. Their guitarist Josh looked extremely bored while playing, completely expressionless even in between songs. But damn he’s technical, he was warming up with blinding sweeps that was even more dazzling because he plays so casually. As singer Travis reminded us more than once, in ten years of Cattle Decapitation history, they have never been to London, and they rewarded us with a crushing show. Travis’ stage banter is pretty funny, slightly oddball (“This one’s for the ladies, well, for the guys as well, since you came out to see us: TESTICULAR MANSLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!”) but intense. But it was while he was singing that really impresses. My lasting memory of the Cattle Decapitation gig would be Travis crouched over the mike, bent almost double, eyes rolled back, veins popping, face contorted and screaming, growling and bellowing til I thought his lungs would fucking burst!




As a side note, I wonder what happened to bassist Troy, as there was an unknown black dude playing bass for C.D. Whoever he was, he was awesome as well, from what little I saw of him (I was standing at the opposite end of the stage): he was sweeping bass with his fingers!






THE band of the evening I felt. Nothing too technical riffwise, just brutally downtuned heavy and mosh inducing. The drumming was unbelievable, insanely fast fills and consistent double kicking, coupled with a willingness to destroy the drum set if need be. New vocalist Jason Keyser does the growls perfectly (think Cannibal Corpse), but it is his crowd interaction that made the evening come alive. How many times he incited the crowd to form circle pits and mosh pits, how many times he whipped them up to greater heights of frenzy. For once I was glad I was safe in the photo pit, because the circle pit was literally a warzone. And as the opener to the last song, the “zombie wall of death” added a funny twist to a normal extreme metal tradition. I can’t say much more for this band, except that I would go to watch them again and again.






Dying Fetus



The headliner disappointed me, mainly because they were so unanimated on stage. Coming off Skinless’ set that really was pants-shittingly good, it’s disappointing that the veterans couldn’t top that. There was next to no stage banter, the songs just melted one into the other with clockwork efficiency. Song title, three minutes of music, pause for breath, song title, repeat 20 times. The death metal was technical, while the growled/gurgled vocals were shared between John, guitarist and Sean the bassist. I honestly can’t remember much of the gig, because there was nothing stand-out about it. The crowd obviously went nuts every two seconds, and I wish I had been down there with them, possibly I might have a different feel about the whole thing. Standing from the photo pit and later on at the back, there was nothing that did it for me. Skinless and Cattle Decapitation stole the show, definitely.






1. Grotesque Impalement
2. Homicidal Retribution
3. Justifiable Homicide
4. Intentional Manslaughter
5. ?
6. One Shot, One Kill
7. We Are Your Enemy
8. Schematics
9. Pissing In The Mainstream
10.Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog
11.Unadulterated Hatred
12.Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses)
13.Fate Of The Condemned
14.Skull Fucked (?)
15.Killing On Adrenaline


Thanks to Andy Turner at Metal Blade UK/Ferret Music Europe for the photo pass.


Thanks to Daniyar for the help with the Dying Fetus setlist!



War From a Harlot’s Mouth: www.myspace.com/warfromaharlotsmouth 

Cattle Decapitation: www.cattledecapitation.com/index2.html

Skinless: www.myspace.com/skinless

Dying Fetus: www.dyingfetus.com/