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ChaosFear hailing from Brazil delivers highly skilled and aggressive thrash metal to the bone. Even though the whole band is pretty new on the metal map, the whole trio has gained experience by playing in other local Brazilian bands. The demo debut already proved the trio’s skills to create asskicking and whipping thrash.

The Brazilians’ debut album ONE STEP BEHIND ANGER will be re-released with extra bonus material added. The band’s drummer Danilo de Freitas explains a little bit more about the upcoming album and some historical aspects of ChaosFear.  

Good day to Brazil and how’s it going there in the ChaosFear camp ?

Hello there, everything´s fine here, we keep on promoting our first album, and besides this we are working on new songs. That´s what happening now.

Because ChaosFear is a rather unknown outfit for most readers, would you kindly tell us how the band got started? How you met your fellow band mates and so forth?

Fernando has been my friend since we were 6 or 7 years old, we met in school and we already had an inclination for heavy music, and Anderson played with Fernando´s brother a long time ago, so this is how we knew each other.
Oficially the history of the band began in 1999, when the band “Sick Mind” was formed by me, Fernando Boccomino ( Guitar / Vocal ) and Eduardo Boccomino, Fernando´s brother. With this formation we have released one demo and made some concerts under Sick Mind name, and when we were preparing a new demo, with Anderson de França already playing bass, we´ve discovery a namesake band, so Sick Mind became Chaosfear, in the beginning of 2003. At this time, Eduardo left the band, and we´ve released the demo called “Inside the extreme world” as a trio. Between the demo release and our first album recording we had two guys playing guitar, but we decided to stay as a trio, and so this is how we are until now.

ChaosFear consists of three guys, but apparently you must have relied on using a second guitarist on stage in order to have a more balanced and tight sound quality? Or do you think the one guitar suits ChaosFear better?

Actually we don´t have another guitar player for our gigs. We discuss a lot about this because sometimes Fernando is overloaded, and with another guitarist he would have more freedom. We believe that we can have another person in the band in the future, but it has to be the right person, because he would be a permanent member, not a stage guy.

What kind of chemistry and relationship do you have between three guys in the band? Do you always agree on everything mutually or do you have to have a little bit discussion about some certain issues ?

This is an every day learning. Human relations aren´t easy, it´s impossible to agree in everything, but we are improving, keeping the discussions within the band, trying to learn with our mistakes. Once a friend told me that a band is like a marriage, without sex., I´m not married, but I think that I can agree, there is always some crisis along the way. But one key factor that helps us a lot is the fact that we are friends, so there is respect in our relationship.

In my opinion ChaosFear definitely draws influences from both the old and new school thrash metal stuff such as Slayer, Sepultura, Machine Head etc… When forming ChaosFear, did you have already a determinate clear vision in your mind that you would play the pure thrash metal ?

Yeah, we are influenced from both old and new thrash metal, but when we write our songs we never have an idea of how it must sound like. The only point is that the music has to be strong, aggressive. Our music writing is very spontaneous, so we start playing and if we feel the idea is good, we keep on working on it.

I can’t help asking if your country mates Sepultura and above all their older stuff may have had an influential impact on how the stuff of ChaosFear has developed?

I think that nowadays this influence has diluted a little.  Definitely Sepultura is a huge influence to us. We were psyched with albums like Beneath the Remains, Arise, Chaos A.D. (this one my favourite ), but we never tried to copy them. I think that for us (and maybe to a lot of brazilian bands ), beyond musically, Sepultura influences in the way of a thrash metal band of our samba-country which got the right way.

The ChaosFear demo INSIDE THE EXTREME WORLD was recorded back in 2003, presenting tight and high skilled ass kicking thrash metal. If I have understood right, the demo got nothing, but utter praising and overwhelming reviews in the press, right ?

Yes, the demo was very well accepted, it had very positive reviews, but unfortunately at that time we did not promote it very well, we had a lot of personal problems that started even before the demo was released,  we did not plan anything, we were adapting ourselves as a trio, but we still like those songs a lot !

How many copies were sent out to magazines? And do you have any idea how many times your stuff has been downloaded from your official site and listened to the ChaosFear myspace?
We´ve sent around 200 copies of One Step Behind Anger to the magazines and websites, and we had a very good feedback of this work. Since the album release there was near 3.000 downloads from our website. In our myspace page we had more than 4.000 views, and our songs were played almost 5.000 times, which for us is a very good thing, specially that there are people from all around the world knowing the band.

Did you shop the ChaosFear promokit to many labels and how many of those labels expressed their interests toward ChaosFear and how did you end up signing a deal with Corrosive Music ?

I can´t say exactly to how many labels we have sent our material, since this is was made by our manager, Ronaldo Carone Jr.. Corrosive Musik is indeed our own label, which will be responsible for our releases in South America.

But originally the album was released by Corrosive Musik, what kind of label is that one anyway? How much did they put an effort to the promotion of the album?

As mentioned before,  Corrosive Musik is our own label, so it´s all our work, we don´t have anyone to complain about, except ourselves. lol

How did OSM come in the picture ?!

We´ve sent our material  to some labels and one of them was OSM. They get in contact with our manager Ronaldo, and then we started negotiating. I think that all our promoting work, besides the fact that our album has been choose the third best independent record of the Canadian magazine BW&BK helped us in this.

What sort of expectations have you set for both your debut album and your label, Old School Metal Records ?

Well, my particular expectation when we started to record the album was only to do the best I can to release a good Thrash Metal effort. I, and the hole band could not imagine to have an agreement with a label…the reviews were good, and then OSM came up, it was unbelievable. Now our expectations increased, we feel that we have a very good chance, and we are crazy to release a very good album next year.

How did you get convinced about Old School Metal Rec and decided to sign a deal with them? And what does the deal with OSM consist of, I mean by that if you are going to unleash more Chaosfear releases on OSM ?

OSM was the first to show up with a real proposal. In the beginning of our conversations the idea was that OSM would release our second effort, but then they decided to release our first album too, so there was nothing to think about, it was a very good thing to us. They will release One Step Behind Anger in 2007 and our next album, which will be out in 2008. And we hope we can do more.

ONE STEP BEHIND ANGER will be re-released by OSM in May and is supposed to have some bonus material as far as I know, what kind of bonus material is it?

There will be 4 extra songs.  They were all recorded for our demo, “Inside The Extreme World”, sometime in 2003, but two of them were not released yet, so it will be very cool that these songs will be finally be available.

Could you tell a little bit more about the working and recording process of the debut album for example where it was recorded, who produced and how the recording process was? Did everything go as planned in the first place?

As an independent album, our budget was very, very small. It´s a rush against time, I could barely listen to what I´ve played and then go to the next music. The album was recorded and produced by Mauro Juliany, in his home studio in our city, São Paulo, between February and April, 2006. He recorded our demo, so it was a guy who we could trust.   We planned the works as best we could, it was our first time, a lot of things were unknown yet, but I think it everything was fine.

Were you pleased with the final result on the album or are you going to do remixes to the album as it will be re-released by OSM ?

By how everything was done, we are very pleased with the results. It´s waste of time think that it could be done differently, I prefer to think about doing the next one differently, so for sure the hole process and the result was very positive. Regarding the release through OSM, the songs won´t be remixed.

As for the front cover, what does it describe? Could you tell a little bit more about it ?

The only thing that we said to Wanderley Perna, the guy who did the art, was that we wanted an aggressive stuff which would match with our music and lyrics, so  we gave him a lot of freedom to work.  If you pay attention, there are some details in the cover, like burning buildings. For me it is like each individual looking to all this bad things, but at the same time being part of it, since its all kind of mixed.

What could you tell about the song writing process itself for the album? Do you write the material together or on your own, who is responsible of taking care of writing the lyrics for the band ?

We write our songs together. We go into the studio, and then we start playing, it is very much like a jam. Its very usual that Fernado starts a riff and then we join him. Sometimes it can be a drum rhythm that starts everything and this is how the basic idea of a music is done. If we feel that it’s a good idea we start working on it, and this take a lot of time, we change things a lot. The lyrics are done after the music, and there is no rule about who is responsible, it only have to be a good one.

What sort of issues inspirate you to write about in your lyrics? Do you ladle topics for your lyrics from the everyday reality or from the world of your imagination?

When I think about lyrics ideas, I start believing that would be better to play instrumental music. It´s not easy to write lyrics nowadays and not look repetitive. Our lyrics are an attempt to express our disapointment about this hypocritical
and failed society, a shout against all this pressure that we suffer, pushing us to become someone else, specially In our country, one of the most injustice of the world, where is very easy to find inspiration. 

Do you find lyrics being as important as how a song sounds that they would fit together?

There are a lot of people who don´t care about the lyrics, but I believe that they are very important to the music. I can´t imagine one of our songs dealing with the girl and the handsome guy who she wants to date,  it doesn´t fit. When I play, I think about  all the shit I face everyday and it’s a feeling that is into the music, so the lyrics have to go in the same direction.

As for the title of the debut album ONE STEP BEHIND ANGER, what kind of issues does the title refer to?

This is a pessimistic view of  mankind´s future.  It is like we are going to a savage struggle to survive when a huge population meets a world that can´t feed everybody, and in this process we loose all our respect for each other. We hope that this won´t happen, but mankind seems too blind to see we are in the wrong way.

I am pretty much sure you have already started composing the new material, do the new songs sound in one way or another different or more matured compared to the stuff on the demo and the debut album ?

Yes, we already have lot of ideas, some are almost finished, some need more work. It happened very quickly and naturally, and I can´t exactly say what sounds like. Our musicianship has improved, the songs are aggressive as usual, but I didn´t have time to assimilate all this mass of new sounds yet.

Is it easy to get gigs for a band like you in the local area of Sau Paulo? What size of clubs in general have you played your gigs so far anyway?

No, it is not easy to find places to play here. One of the biggest problems here is that either you play in very small places, with poor conditions or you play in big places and in this case you need to support some big band (so you need to know the right people, etc), or have a big fan base (which is not our case ). There is nothing between.  What we are doing is to search for gigs in cities around São Paulo, where mostly you play in small places, but with more public.

What kind of support and following do you have in Sao Paulo and elsewhere in Brazil, how much do you usually draw people to your gigs ?

Well, we still are a very small  band, even here. We feel that we are achieving more fans each day, in a concert by concert basis, and we hope that this can keep happening. Our feedback is being very positive in our gigs, so we believe that is a matter of time to have a consistent public in our concerts.

Sao Paulo has been some kind of capital of all kinds of metal in Brazil as the scene has been tremendous since the early 80’s, when did you manage to get involved in the local metal scene ?

I started listening to heavy music when I was very young, and I was tied to the metal scene mostly by Fernando´s brother, Eduardo Boccomino, who was older and always presented the new bands, which were pretty difficult to know. I started to go to gigs in the very beginning of the 90´s, and I still have friends from this time.

Have you shared the stage with so called cult Brazilian death/thrash metal bands like Chakal, Eminence, Korzus, Vulcano ?

No, unfortunately not yet. As I am concerned, Korzus is the only one still in the act. They´ve released a killer album called TIES IN BLOOD in 2004. We hope we can play with them, would be a honour to share the stage with these guys who were already destroying when we were little kids.

When speaking of the Brazilian metal scene, these old names usually pop up  but I am sure there are a lot of new killer metal bands coming out of Brazil and Sao Paulo. Can you recommand something ?

Sure, there are a lot of bands around here. I can mention Scars, Claustrofobia, Subtera, Andralls, Torture Squad, Side Effects…they all worth listen to. There are some websites linked in our official page, so if you are interested about some brazilian band you can check it out there.

Well could you name the most played top 5 releases of your at the moment and why ?!

Only 5 ?? These choices are very difficult to make !
Well, there are some old stuff that I´ve been listening to lately :
1) King Diamond – Abigail. This is a classic record. I have the vinyl release of it, but as my player is not working, it was a long time without listen it, before I buy the cd some days ago. The line-up is classic, Mikey Dee´s drumming is amazing….
2) Asesino – Cristo Satánico. I just got a copy of this release some days ago and liked very much, specially the guitar work.
3) Napalm Death – Utopia Banished. There´s not too much to say about this band, it´s one of my favourites.
4) Death – The Sound of Perseverance. This is not my favourite Death´s record, Symbolic is still my number one, but this is a hell of a metal album, insane songs.
5) Strapping Young Lad – The new Black. What can I say about an album with Gene Hoglan drumming ?? He´s a god, the more I listen, the more I admire this drummer.

Before concluding the interview, I can’t help asking when the album will see the light of day by OSM, what kind of plans do you have on your mind? Are you trying to book gigs to Europe?

One Step Behind Anger will be released by Old School Metal Records on May, 28th. We are now concentrated on our new album, which we plan to start recording in the end of this year. For sure a tour in Europe is in our plans, maybe in 2008, who knows….we will work to this happen, let´s see.

I therefore thank you for the interview, wish all the best for Chaosfear and you can spill the last words to conclude the interview…

Thank you very much to all Metal Rules people, all the readers and everybody who support us, no matter how.  Cheers and metal forever !!!

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