Code – The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within

2007, Escape Music/Zink Music

Rating: 2.0/5

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Code’s masterminds are the musicians/songwriters/producers Anders (ex-Grand Illusion), Ola (ex-Grand Illusion), and Sherwood. Gregg (David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, Toto etc) makes a special appearance as the guest drummer.


The simplest way to describe Code’s music style is commercial, radio-friendly melodic rock. Keyboards and lead vocals dominate the musical landscape and the guitar parts don’t have any edge to them. Michael Bolton, Foreigner, and Toto are acts that come to mind when you listen to Code, but the difference is that Code have a lead singer that can’t sing. He’s got a very annoying habit of singing at the top of his vocal range and it sounds really awful. Lead guitarist Ola and drummer Gregg deserve a lot of credit; those two are the only ones who give the album forward momentum.


11 songs are featured on THE ENEMY WITHIN and the material is quite nice with great arrangements and catchy choruses. I was forced to listen to the album a few times before I could find any songs that really stuck out. I did find a few, and those are “The Enemy Within”, “Sign Up For Love”, and “My Time”. The only problems I have with the production is that they could have cranked up the guitar sound a little higher and well as placed Sherwood further down in the mix. Aside from those minor things, the production is great.


This is an album for every fan of radio-friendly melodic rock. It’s far too melodic for my tastes, but if you want to listen to a great Michael Bolton impersonator then Code is perfect for you.


Anders Rydholm – bass, guitar, keyboards

Sherwood Ball – lead vocals

Ola af Trampe – guitar

Gregg Bissonette – drums


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The Enemy Within

Sign Up For Love

Home Away From Home

In The Shadows

How Do We Stay In Love

My Time


Uninvited Guest

How Can I Change the World

Flying High

Sworn to Silence