Kreator Celtic Frost Watain : The 4th Of April, Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

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Kreator / Celtic Frost

Tavastia Club
The 4th of April 2007
Helsinki, Finland

Both Kreator and Celtic Frost have had, and still have, a major impact on how several different types of metal genres have started and been moulded. Therefore two metal icons or legends on the same bill was as mesmerizing an experience as seeing three Teutonic thrash metal veterans on the same bill back in 2002.  Even though’s British writer had recently attended the show in London, the whole tour is such a historical event in the extreme metal genre that it can’t be ignored. It would be an utter blasphemy to ignore these two extreme metal icons who had released outstanding and remarkable outputs.

The Dutch thrashers Legion Of The Damned had been one of the opening acts on the Central European leg of the tour but unfortunately were never able to arrive at Northernmost territories. However the Dutch thrashers will be witnessed at next summer’s Tuska in Helsinki. However the Swedish black metal outfit Watain was on the bill, for those the Helsinki show was apparently the last one on the tour.


Even though both headlining bands were the most important acts on the stage that night,  the opening Swedish black metal squad was a tremendous apocalyptic sight on the stage. The whole band looked like they had arisen from the netherworld. The pure pungent stench of evil and death was floating over the Tavastia club when the Swedish black metal squad declared sworn to the dark. The image stood for pure hate and nihilism. Even though the playing time has been scheduled to last app 30 minutes, the band offered the essence of black purity by hammering down even three songs off from the latest SWORN TO THE DARK album and a couple of older ones. The legions of darkness and death have gained and obtained an ultimate merciless stage performance. The frontman Eric Danielsson banged his head and spread blasphemic incantations all around the sold out club. The stageshow had been limited to normal standard headbanging and playing, all the other extra visual aspects had been removed, even though a couple of steel inverted crosses had been placed to the front of the stage. Though the set was short, Watain came and conquered. 


Satans hunger
Devils blood
Sworn to the dark
I am the earth
Storm of the antichrist


The Swiss gods had a triumphant appearance at last summer’s Tuska, giving an entire meaning for the eternal summer in Helsinki. The Swiss usurpers mesmerized the audience with their true metal hearts by giving their inner sanctum in the sun as the headliner of the last day.
Celtic Frost’s second visit to Finland with Kreator and Watain definitely pleased several old school metal freaks. However the line-up had undergone some changes. The previous session guitarist Anders Odden had been replaced by V.Santura from the German black metal outfit Dark Fortress.


Celtic Frost have definitely earned respect and reputation as pioneers of extreme metal. That was proven on the stage when “Procreation Of The Wicked” with massive heavy sounds rumbled after the “TotenGott” intro. Followed by several other CF classic ones such “Vision Of Mortality”. T.G.Warrior’s dry and cruel vocals fit the brutal sounds in the club enviroment more than perfectly.

As usual most of songs picked up on the set had been chosen from the 80’s releases, skipping those two embarrassing albums considered as a stigmata in the Celtic Frost history.  Even though the new disc MONOTHEIST is a strong, but also critically acclaimed comeback album, unfortunately only the opening and concluding intros had been picked for the night’s setlist. In general the whole setlist hasn’t changed since the last summer’s festival dates. One minor change is the legendary “Morbid Tales” had been added to the list. The 60 minute set was concluded by the massive and depressive “Synagoga Satanae” march which has become an immortal classic on each Celtic Frost gig to conclude the visions of mortality. The praying in the middle of the song brought creepy feelings to everyone at the show.

Tom G. Warrior aka Fischer’s stage charisma has real magical elements. The man’s evil stare with masks around his eyes goes thru the eyes of any human being who only dares stare back. Whereas Martin Ain turned out to be an extreme relentless force, marching all around the stage banging his head like a brutal looking bear. 


Despite being absent from the metal genre for about 15-16 years, returning to the stage and touring life have made them even stronger and more brutal than ever before.  

Procreation of the Wicked
Visions of Mortality
Circle of the Tyrants
Ain Elohim
Necromantical Screams
Sorrows of the Moon
Dethroned Emperor
Morbid Tales
Into the Crypt of Rays
Synagoga Satanae
Outro: Winter


Kreator have become a constant visitor on Finnish soil. But before going any deeper with the article, it could be fun to take an extreme rapid flashback to the early 90’s when Kreator played in the very same Tavastia Club on the Renewal tour. A couple of hundred thrashers had crawled to have fun with the industialized Kreator back then. Times keeps changing a lot as the whole place was totally packed with plenty of sweaty insane maniacs who created a riot of violence.
After the Swiss’ one hour of crushing and smashing set, Kreator’s place as a headliner couldn’t be the most idealistic place after all.


Petrozza and boys unleashed one hell of a thrash metal extravaganza by kicking the night off with “Violent Revolution”. In general the set was created to include plenty of songs picked up from the most important albums, but skipping Cause For Conflitc and Endorama for obvious reasons.

Frankly “Europe After The Rain” sounded thrashing brutal because as far as I can remember it didn’t sound such vital and brutal on RENEWAL. Even “Pleasure To Kill” was  surprisingly already played in the beginning of the set. Mille screamed and yelled his lungs out, even though his voice didn’t sound that sharp. But the guy is still damn tight on stage, banging his head and demanding the audience to arrange better pits. Even polemical standpoints about racism and facism strongly belong to Mille’s way to express his honest opinion about those issues. Instead bassist Christian and guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio were more in the statics role on the stage handling their own jobs with the routinely.

When the golden jewel songs of Kreator’s 80’s thrash metal era were played as an encore, various old video footage and pics from the heyday of this Essen thrash four piece were shown on the screen. It was definitely a nice flashback to those wild days of the thrash metal genre.  


Frankly putting Kreator to start after the midnight in the middle of the week was nothing but a bad idea. According to the official setlist available in the Kreator homepage, three/four songs had been dropped from the night’s setlist due to the schedule. People were forced to leave the venue to catch buses before the gig was even over. 

The night was like a return to the 80’s when both Kreator and Celtic Frost used to rule the earth. Almost 20 years later these bands still kick butt and many younger bands have something to learn from them.

The Patriarch
Violent Revolution
Pleasure To Kill
Enemy Of God
People Of The Lie
Europe After The Rain
Suicide Terrorist
Extreme Agression
Impossible Brutality
Reconquering The Throne
Flag Of Hate

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