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Marty Friedman
April, 2007





How is the new album LOUDSPEAKER being received?

Absolutely amazing. I’m always surprised when I get a good reaction to my albums, but this time, I’m particularly confident about the album so I`m not that surprised…

Is there allot of positive reviews and support for it?

I have only seen positive ones, and people really seem to enjoy it.

Some of it is quite heavy. Why now a return to playing what his ‘deth and shred fans have wanted for years?

I don’t feel like anything on the album is “shred” or “like Megadeth”. It is very aggressive and powerful though, so fans of intense music of all genres can relate to it, I think.

Is this an album you always wanted to make?

All of my albums are `intentional` so to speak. I wanted to make this one maybe even more than the others, because I have so many more great influences to draw from than before.

How long was this in the making?

13 months. It was done little by little, in between a lot of mainstream television work, so when I came into the studio to work on it, I was fresh and very excited to be working on it. It was a very welcome change of pace.

Are there anymore tracks finished that never made the album that will see the light of day at a later date?

There are 2 that didn’t make the album. One of them I finished and put it on an album I produced in Japan called “Rock Fujiyama Band”, which was an album I produced with the cast of a TV show I do. The song was called “Fujiyama de Aimashou”. There are also hours of ad libbed jams I did with the drummers of Loudspeaker, Jeremy Colson and Ryuichi Nishida that I intend to listen to when contemplating the next album. 

Will you be touring or playing live shows to support this?

I am in Europe touring for this right now.

What other projects are you currently working on?

This Loudspeaker tour was recorded for a live CD, and we will be filming a Japan show in May for a live DVD. When I return from Europe I will resume filming of several TV shows.

Do you play many guitar clinics these days?

I do a few. There are 2 during the course of this Euro tour.

If a bunch of guitar heads wanted to see you at a clinic, what would be the best thing to do besides fly to some city where you’ll be?   …petition their local guitar/music store to bring you in?

That is a good idea. That or contact the instrument companies whose gear I use.

You now live in Japan…why? Is it because that’s were most of your fans are?

It is because I love to play J-pop and J-rock and be a part of the domestic music scene there. Since moving to Japan I have toured and recorded with, written for and produced some of my favorite artists.

If so, why?

You can`t really `go where the fans are` because fans are constantly changing. There are many die-hard fans all around the world that I really appreciate, and at the same time it is very important for me to always cultivate new fans. I am not a big fan of only “preaching to the converted”.

Do you speak Japanese well?

I have been completely fluent for about 8 or 9 years now.

What’s a typical “day in the life of Marty” living in Japan?

I may film a TV program in the daytime, and if it is short I may have time left over for interviews, which are many. Being a regular on 5 TV shows, press and promotion comes from all directions and there is little time to rest. I also have monthly features in 3 mainstream magazines. Not music magazines, but similar to “People”, “Esquire”, and that kind of thing. Obviously I do quite a bit of music media as well. Those promotion kind of things happen pretty much every day, but I always put my music ideas down to work on as well.

I’ve seen videos on Youtube from Japanese TV where you and Paul Gilbert try to stump one another with classic metal riffs. Was that on a major station over there?

Yes, Paul was a guest on one of the shows I do, “Rock Fujiyama”. The show usually has Japanese guests (non musicians and musicians as well) but occasionally Foreign guests like Paul, Andrew WK, Kerry King and Kiss are on the show.

Do you  keep up with what the band (Megadeth)is doing such as THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED (2004), UNITED ABOMINATIONS (2007), DVD – THAT ONE NIGHT – LIVE IN BUENOS AIRES (2007)….etc…….?

I heard the album they made after I left the band. I thought it was very good. That was the kind of record they wanted to do, and they did a good job. It was nothing like I wanted to do so I was really glad I left before it was recorded. 

What is your current relationship with Dave Mustaine?

I haven`t been in touch with him in 2 years or so. I hope he is doing well and I wish him and the band all the best.

Can you see yourself in a working relationship with him ever again?

Probably not, but never say never. He is a unique and talented guy.

Any stories you’d like to share from back in the days of excess with Dave?

The excess I saw didn`t look like much fun. He was at his best when he was straight as an arrow. We kicked ass every single night.

Have you seen Jason Becker recently?

No, but I played a solo on one of his new songs on an album he is working on.

How is he doing?

He is in great spirits, as usual! From our conversations via email, you would never know the condition he is in. He is amazing.

What are you currently listening to?

Halenchi Punch, Koda Kumi, Merry, Mucc and Damone

What players out there today do you listen to and enjoy their work?

I rarely pay attention to `players`, I am more into artists and songs. I like the ones written above, and so many more. Mostly in the world of J-pop and visual kei music.

What does the future have in store for Marty?

More and more music!!

Any exclusives you’d like to pass on to the fans and readers of

I appreciate your support a lot! See you soon!