Cannibal Corpse : The 16 of March, Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

Cannibal Corpse
The 16th of March 2007
Helsinki Finland
Nosturi Club

By Arto Lehtinen

Cannibal Corpse have managed to create a lethal, but loyal fanbase in Finland which has increased tremendously since the five piece’s first visit back in 1998. The gore death metallers have become regular visitors to Finland as most of their long tours have reached the northern territories. The show at Nosturi proved a tremendous success of Cannibal Corpse in Finland as the show was totally sold out in advance

Before canninbalistic corpses hit the stage, we had a small chat with the band’s guitarist Rob Barrett. Rob has rejoined his old band to fill up the guitarist spot when the original guitarist Jack Owen pulled out to focus on other issues. Since the most recent Cannibal Corpse murderwork came out, the gore masters have been on the road terrorizing Europe all around. 
According to Mr Barrett the current tour has been doing amazing, having visited new countries to expand the death metal messages to the new audience in new countries especially in the Eastern part of Europe. The band has struggled with diabolical censorship problems during their whole career because of the first three album which were banned in Germany. However, according to Barrett, the songs from these albums have been played on German soil without facing any kind of problems. It seems like the times are changed.  

Rob Barret was recruited to fill up the empty shoes left by the guitarist Rob Rusae in 1993.
Before joining Cannibal Corpse in the beginning of the 90’s, Rob Barret used to be involved in another old school classic death combo Malevolent Creation. “It was my decisions” stated Barret when inquired about the reasons for his departure from Malevolent Creation. Before teaming up with Cannibal Corpse he was in the local death metal squad Solstice for a while.

Of course it had to be inquire a little bit about the semi legendary movie appearance on Pet Detective. According to Barret, it was a funny experience because at than time Chris Barnes was still involved in the band as a vocalist.

George “CorpseGrinder” Fisher teamed up with Barret and company to lay down the vocals on the VILE album. The album had been recorded before Fisher joined the band. What resulted was Barnes’s departure from Cannibal Corpse, it is understandable that Barret wasn’t keen on enlighting particular reasons, but however something happened on a personal level. 

After the VILE album the man took off and left the band, according to Barret, it was his own decisions to leave again.

The newest output titled KILL is a pure necrosadistic murder worship from the beginning to end making anyone suffer and bitterly. In Barrett’s opinion, working on the album was more much professional now than for example compared to the sessions and moments of the 90’s. Eric Rutan is the world top producer knowing all about the death metal. Eric Rutan has carved his mark in legendary bands such as Ripping Corpse, Morbid Angel and of course in his own band Hate Eternal. According to Barret, he was involved in the writing process of one song which after all ended up to the new KILL album.
As to the music in generel, Barrett admits being quite open minded what comes to checking the music whatever he likes.

When inquired about which band, either Malevolent Creation or Cannibal Corpse, is closer to the man’s heart, and of course it is Cannibal Corpse. All right thanks to Rob Barrett for the short, but in-depth and detailed interview session.

But now it was about time return to the venue area to witness both bands in action. Cannibal Corpse have always had interesting opening acts on their tours, by giving an excellent opportunity for several unknown brutal underground bands to tour with their heroes. These small underground bands have been able to get a band’s name spread amongst the normal mortal death metal kids. The Dutch death mongers Disavowed had been recruited to tour with Cannibal Corpse. Actually the Russian Mortem was supposed to arrive at Finland with the other ones, but all kinds of hassles with visa finally sent the Russian extreme metallers back home.   

Before Disavowed crawled to the stage to whip the Finnish audience, the whole floor area was already entirely conquered by young bloodthirsty teens ready to arrange a pure havoc. Kids had packed against each other and the frontline was full of kids around the age of 15.

Disavowed kicked the night off by putting on one hell of a asskicking show. Actually the band looked more like a bunch of hard core freaks than a brutal death metal squad. The bald headed singer appeared to be an insane, relentless frontman moving on the stage from one side to another one with a raging intensive drive. As far as the vocals are concerned, the frontman must have been suffering a mandatory sore throat once and while as he kept having this gutted and brutal style thru the whole set. 


Even though the Dutch five piece is a rather unknown act up here  the Finnish crowd went totally beserk. The insane and relentless Dutchman were obviously thrilled about playing in front of such enthusiastic crowd.
Disavowed’s gig can be described as simply wild and insane. Even the Cannibal Corpse guitarist seems to be digging the band severely.


Anyone digging utter brutal with the gutted vocal styles should try to get a hold of of some Disavowed.

Then Cannibal Corpse. Well the long time death metal veterans had spent quite a liquid night on the ferry between, but obviously sleeping in the tour bus may have awaken them up as the band looked and appeared to be in a normal vicious mood on the stage. The 70 minutes of frantic disembowelment given by the these gore obsessed icons offered a real festering in the crypt of Nosturi.


Fisher never shows any kind of mercy to his neck as his head was spinning 360 degree roughly. Banging his head with ultimate rage has become Fisher’s immortal trademark. Another trademark is Fisher’s deep brutal utter gutted growling style with insane quickly growled words. It ain’t any unexpected surprise if Fisher has had to visit a physiotherapy. The man growled like a maniac as usual and kept beating his thigh. There wasn’t any worthless speeches between songs, just a couple of words when the Finnish audience was thanked.  If Fisher brutality banged his head, so did Alex Webster, who kept banging his hair ruthlessly almost thru the whole show while playing the bass. Both the guitarists definitely handled their own parts perfectly.


The set consisted of the material above all from the new album KILL and of course the mandatory classic songs like “Born In A Casket” and ”I Cum Blood”. Fisher was willing to dedicate especially one particular song to all the ladies in the audience “Fucked With The Knife”. When one of the famous CC songs, known from the legendary Pet Detective movie, “Hammer Smashed Face” roared out of the loudspeakers the whole floor was burning up. The manic young kids arranged one hell of a chaotic and insane looking pit. The pit occasionally turned to be extreme wild when a bunch of kids were beating and pushing each others. The whole goings-on was reminiscent of a wild pit of zombies. After the show there was definitely nothing to mutilate in the audience, just hammer smashed faces and every bone broken.


The band is constantly on tours criss crossing the planet. It is sure being on tour has had some kind of impact on the guys physically, for example long breaks between songs and some mistakes in the playing. Anyway the band offered a solid gig of pure brutal death metal. Especially young kids must have been fascinated by seeing Cannibal Corpse on the stage, even though nothing can beat their debut show in Finland in 1998 with Dark Funeral and Infernal Majesty.   

1. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
2. Murder Worship
3. Decency Defied
4. I Cum Blood
5. Fucked with a Knife
6. Covered with Sores
7. Born In a Casket
8. The Wretched Spawn
9. I Will Kill You
10. Vomit the Soul
11. Disposal of the Body
12. Make Them Suffer
13. Dormant Bodies Bursting
14. Pit of Zombies
15. Five Nails Through the Neck
16. Devoured by Vermin
17. Hammer Smashed Face
18. Stripped, Raped and Strangled

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