HARDCORE SUPERSTAR Singer Jocke and guitar player Sliver

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When Hardcore Superstar played their last show for 2006 in Malmoe Sweden I hooked up with guitarplayer Silver and singer Jocke and here’s what they had to say. This is more of an update on what has happened with the band during 2006. If you want to read more about the band look at the interview I did with singer Jocke last year.

Interview and Pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Hi guys, you have been out on tour almost this entire year (2006) in Scandinavia, Japan and Europe, how has it been?

Silver: Well, 2006 has been the greatest year so far in the bands history when it comes to the albums selling points and the enormous feedback we have had from the audience and fans. Both gigs and the touring have worked out better than on previous tours.


What have you been up to in between the shows?

Silver: With thought of that most of us have families and houses etc we have mostly been home taking care of business. When you’re married you’re busy 24/7 ha-ha.

Jocke: In between the shows we in the band don’t hang around together much at all, we’re all staying home as much as we can when we have the opportunity. Everyone has now got a family or girlfriends/wives to take care of and that also makes us a more harmonic band.


Are there any differences between fans all around the world?

Silver: It’s been more differences before, today the major thing is that fans in, let’s say Italy are from 18 and older and the people coming to our shows in Sweden are 20 years and younger.

Jocke: Even 50 year old people have been watching us on this tour, maybe this album appeals more to people across all ages compared to what previous albums have done.

What’s funniest, recording in the studio or touring and meeting fans?

Silver: Before we absolutely enjoyed touring the most and we didn’t liked being in the studio at all but as the years gone by we’ve become more convenient. The recording of this album was much more laid-back than before and we didn’t have any pressure on us to achieve all kind of stuff so we could totally focus on the music. As it is now we can’t wait getting back into the studio again.


Which show have been the funniest one to do on this tour?

Silver: Definitely Loud Park in Japan but the show at Sweden Rock Festival was really fun as well. 4000 people didn’t even make into the tent and had to wait and listen outside ha-ha.


Where does Hardcore Superstar feel most comfortable, on a smaller or a larger arena?

Silver: You asked us which sort of arena we felt best performing on, you really see us as an arena band thanx ha-ha.

Jocke: To be serious I think I like to perform at Trädgården in Gothenburg or KB in Malmoe which takes about 700-1000 people the most.

As mentioned earlier you played at Sweden Rock Festival, a festival that’s gotten to be known for mostly attract people from the older hardrock and blues fans and bands from those categories, how was it to perform there, was the crowd nice to you?

Jocke: Well, by now HCSS can be considered as an old band, we played for 10 years now ha-ha. But with the thought of that 4000 couldn’t get into the tent when we played and with 4500 people already in the tent that fainted and screamed I should say that the show couldn’t went any better. The audience loved us.


How was it to play at the Loud Park festival in Japan?

Silver: I heard that we played for about 14500 people and the Japanese fans literarily loved us, they were amazing.


Your still touring on your latest album from 2005 HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, for how long is you going to tour on that album?

Jocke: Until we are releasing a new one.

Why have you chosen to do the year’s last show in Malmoe and not in your hometown Gothenburg?

Jocke: It’s not our choice, our booking agency EMA have booked us here tonight.

Silver: I don’t care, it’s not so important where we play as long as we play, we’re Swedish so we can play anywhere in Sweden.


Have you done any changes in the set list from the last time I saw you which was last summer?

Silver: Because the album have went so well we haven’t gone through any massive set list changes, we’re going to try to play as much material from the new album as we can.
Jocke: We have done a few minor changes but basically it’s the same songs.


You released 4 singles from the album, which one have sold the most and why aren’t single number 3 and 4 out in the stores?

Silver: There aren’t many stores that take in singles anymore, it’s a format that’s going downhill, the stores only takes in radio friendly shit music and not harder stuff. We’d love to only release our albums on vinyl if you ask me. It’s pretty much the big record labels fault and not ours.

Jocke: The main factor is internet and the downloading industry, many artists doesn’t make any money on releasing traditional singles anymore.

According to your website you have started to work with a new album, how far have come and in which direction does it point in?

Silver: Nothing is ready yet; Martin and Adde work with writing new stuff together as well as me and Jocke. We think we have invented a new music style, and its thrash/sleaze. Mix Bay Area thrash from the 80’s like Slayer and Exodus with glam like Motley and Guns, there you have it ha-ha.

Jocke: We haven’t got anything ready yet but we have a lot of ideas so far. And I can promise you that next album is going to be much heavier than before.


You’re going to record the new album as well as tour more in 2007, a few dates are already announced, are you going to add more?

Jocke: We’re not sure, but not as it seem at the moment.

I’ve got mail from a Japanese fan and she wonders if you’re going to come back to Japan in 2007?

Silver: It can happen, we’re trying to find any good Japanese festival to play on and that’s wants us.


Have you picked out any studio or producer for the next album yet?

Jocke: No we haven’t, we’re only on the writing stage so far.


You have also released a live DVD what can you tell us about it?

Jocke: It’s a live show taken from Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg; we did two shows that night. One early for the younger fans and one later for the beer-drinking crowd. There’s no bonus material on the DVD and I think it’s available on import for the rest of the world; it’s only released in Sweden so far.

Are you going to do any attempt on taking over the American market or are you continuing on to conquer Europe and Japan?

Jocke: So far we’re only working with Europe and Japan but we’re negotiating with various labels in America in order to distribute our albums.


Have you got any numbers on how many copies the album has sold so far?

Jocke: 7 millions!! No I’m just kidding

Silver: We don’t have any numbers but we now that it have sold as much as our three previous albums together.


Where in the world is the album released so far?

Silver: It’s released worldwide, except for America.

How is it to work with your label Gain Records?

Silver: Everything works perfect; we have nothing to complain about.


Are you involved in the band myspace page and your homepage?

Jocke: A little but not much, we haven’t got enough time for that.

Silver: We have two girls taking care of the myspace page and the guy who runs the website’s called Roger.


Any plans on releasing a live CD soon?

Silver: Yes we do have plans, we’re celebrating 10 years as a band next year and the thoughts are there. But assume our next album is going to get even better than this one, let’s wait and do a live on those two instead, that would be awesome.



How would you like to define your music?

Jocke: We’ve already answered that but I like to call it thrash sleaze/glam Rock’n’Roll, that’s a great description.


What are the plans for HCSS in 2007?

Jocke: Writing songs and releasing a new album and play live.


Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Jocke: We’d really like to thanx all fans who bought our albums and that have come to our shows.


Thanx a lot for meeting up with me, I guess we’ll meet next year too.

Jocke, Silver: Thanx to you Anders and see you next year.



Thanks to Tour Manager Sanjay Larsson for the help this day and to Markus Tagaris at Gain for setting up the interview.

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